Unicycling next to a dam makes this man “The World’s Most Talented” (apparently)

Whether it's a gift or sheer lunacy (or both), this Jonathan Ross-narrated show left RadioTimes.com amazed – and queasy

Watching a man unicycle on the narrow edge of a 166-metre high dam makes us feel much less smug about passing our piano exams or running that 10k. 


World’s Most Talented (or perhaps a better title would be People with a Death-Wish) is set to air on Watch at the end of March, and will showcase some of the world’s oddest ‘talents’ from across the planet.

Narrated by Jonathan Ross, it’s full of clips of people doing all sorts of strange, entertaining and possibly quite stupid things. Each week, two countries go head to head to perform their ‘best’ acts.

In the first episode, Romania shows off a unicyclist who balances on the edge of dam 166 metres up (that’s 30 metres higher than the top of the London Eye), while India showcases a man who claims he can slice a coconut in half with a machete… while it’s, erm, balanced on his wife’s throat.

We’re not sure we want to see that last one – but  the Romanian unicyclist is fun. Watch the madness below.


World’s Most Talented airs on Watch, 9pm every Tuesday from 31st March