Top Gear: behind the scenes with Tom Hiddleston

Between breaking an umbrella, pondering how Loki would drive and chatting puddles, Hiddleston manages to get his lap in...

As if showing us Tom Hiddleston on Top Gear once wasn’t enough, they’ve gone and released a video of behind the scenes footage.


Yes, Wednesday just got a whole lot better Hiddlestonians.

Tom had a rather damp time of it out on the track with resident racing driver The Stig. Just ask the camera men.

Hiddles couldn’t even keep an umbrella together.

Talk soon turned to Loki. “He’d be reckless and angry” behind the wheel, Hiddleston says of his Thor character, adding, “he’d be furious at the incompetence of these human machines”.

Especially that umbrella.

Sort of like this…

Then rather poetically, Hiddles starts talking puddles. Check out the full video here: