Where are the cast of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle now?

Take a look at what the cast of the series have been up to since leaving the show

Too Hot to Handle

Too Hot To Handle landed on Netflix last Friday, bringing with it 10 singletons, a sunny seaside villa and $100,000 cash prize under one condition – no sexual activity. 


Over the course of eight episodes, we got to know the dating competition’s bikini-clad cast, but what have they been up to since leaving the retreat last year?

Here’s everything you need to know…

Francesca Farago

The 25-year-old Canadian turned out to be the rule breaker of the series, costing the group $32,000 in total (ouch). Francesca and her partner in crime – Harry Jowsey – left the competition as an item but there is no trace of their relationship on social media. The pair do follow each other on Instagram however, so watch this space. 

Francesca still lives in Vancouver and works as a model, although her sustainable clothing brand – Farago the Label – will apparently go on sale in June. The contestant has also been making the most of her newfound fame by selling show-inspired merchandise on her website.

Harry Jowsey

Australian hunk Harry was sought after in the villa but eventually paired up with Francesca after a rollercoaster romance. 

Since the show, Harry left Australia for LA and began cashing in on his catchphrases after setting up his “Naughty Possums” clothing brand. The star has also been dishing out relationship advice to his Instagram followers, branding himself the “Love Doctor” – maybe stick to selling merch Harry.

Sharron Townsend

Personal trainer Sharron spent his time on the show courting Rhonda Paul, with the pair’s naughty antics costing the group $16,000. The lovers left the shower in a relationship, but what has become of them since? 

There is no evidence of their relationship on either of their social media profiles, but they do follow each other on Instagram so there is a small chance they are still an item. 

New Jersey-based Sharron is now predominantly a model and actor according to his website. He appeared in an Ari Lennox and J Cole music video in February, and had a small role in Creed II.

Chloe Veitch

Essex’s very own Chloe Veitch found romance with David, Bryce and Kori at the retreat, but what is she doing now? 

Chloe turned 21 in March, and continues to work as a model – strutting catwalks and photo shoots all over the world. 

Rhonda Paul

27-year-old Rhonda Paul left her THTH experience with boyfriend Sharron, but the single mum has since returned to Atlanta, where she owns a PureluXX, a jewellery shop. 

Nicole O’Brien

Nicole O’Brien – the series’ only Irish contestant – wasn’t particularly lucky in love on the show, but is making the most of her experience. She is now an influencer, labelling herself as a ‘public figure’ on Instagram, and charges £29 for personalised videos on Cameo. 

Haley Cureton

Controversial contestant Haley was booted out of the house by robot Lana during episode six for failing to positively impact the group. The 22-year-old has since continued with her studies at the University of North Florida and teased a tell-all video on Instagram yesterday due to hit social media today. 

“The tea is hot and the queen of bad vibes will hold back NOTHING,” she writes. Stay tuned.

Kelz Dyke

The accountant of the group failed to make a love connection on the show despite a small fling with Francesca. He continues to live in London, where he plays for the London Warriors – an American football team.  

David Birtwistle

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British David was put through his paces by both Chloe and newcomer Lydia, but what has come of him since the show? 

The fitness and nutrition coach has since founded a performance coaching programme called Endeavour Life, become a Nike Training ambassador and released his own ‘home fat loss guide’. He has also joined Cameo – offering personalised videos for £20.75 (a bit cheaper than Nicole).  

Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith – aka Jesus – left the competition voluntarily during episode six, but has since relocated to Los Angeles from Colorado and become the COO of Dream Katchers Enterprise, a multimedia company. 

Last year, the former America’s Next Top Model contestant actually played Jesus in a short film – bless. 

Bryce Hirschberg

Piano man Bryce entered the villa a few days after everyone else and cost the group $3,000 after kissing Chloe.

He is now based in Los Angeles and considers himself to be a director, producer, actor and singer/songwriter – quite the multi-hyphenate. According to his website, he is currently working on his debut album. If his THTH performance is anything to go by, it’s bound to be a chart-topper. 

Kori Sampson

UK-based Kori was another late arrival but made the most of his time on the show with Chloe. He is now a model and personal trainer, having released a lifestyle and body eBook. 

Madison Wyborny

Madison joined the group after Haley’s departure, and since the competition, she’s been travelling all over the world. She now lives in LA and works as a model. 

Lydia Clyma

British Lydia arrived with Kori and Madison, and since the show she’s branded herself as an actor, influencer and social media presenter. 


Too Hot To Handle is now available to stream on Netflix. If you’re looking for more to watch check out our TV guide.