Where are the cast of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle now?

Take a look at what the cast of the series have been up to since leaving the show.

Too Hot to Handle

Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle pretty much saved our summer last year after Love Island was cancelled on ITV due to the pandemic.


The show gave us dating with a twist, as young singletons were made to live together with the chance of winning $100,000 – but only if they could keep their hands off each other.

For each broken rule, money was deducted from the prize pot, which saw the winners go home with a pretty decent $75,000 considering they (ahem – Harry and Francesca) had broken so many rules.

But where are all the contestants and those rule breakers now? And has Haley reconnected with any of the other contestants, after she pretty much told them she wouldn’t miss anyone except Francesca when she was eliminated?

From Harry and Francesca, to the UK’s Chloe Veitch, here’s everything you need to know.

Chloe Veitch

Chloe, 22, didn’t really find a love match on the show. She made a connection with David and Bryce, and it looked like she might have a thing with Kori Sampson but they had a bit of a falling out on the show which pretty much put an end to things. These days, Chloe is quite the influencer with 1.8m followers to date. She also appeared on series two of The Circle USA, where she finished runner-up to Trevor aka Deleesa.

Francesca Farago

The 27-year-old Canadian turned out to be the rule breaker of the series, costing the group $32,000 in total (ouch). Francesca and her partner in crime – Harry Jowsey – left the competition as an item but there is no trace of their relationship on social media. The pair do follow each other on Instagram however.

Since the show, Francesca who is from Canada, seems to have set up home in the UK. She was previously dating The Only Way is Essex’s Demi Sims, but it doesn’t look like they’re together any more.

Francesca works as a model and has lots of collaborations with fashion brands.

Harry Jowsey

Australian hunk Harry was sought after in the villa but eventually paired up with Francesca after a rollercoaster romance. 

Since the show, Harry left Australia for LA and began cashing in on his catchphrases after setting up his “Naughty Possums” clothing brand. The star has also been dishing out relationship advice to his Instagram followers, branding himself the “Love Doctor” – maybe stick to selling merch Harry.

Since the show, Harry has launched a podcast and an OnlyFans account. He also does a lot of work with online clothing brand Boohooman.com

He’s not with Francesca, but the pair seem to be in a good place.

On his 24th birthday in June, he shared a photo of the pair to his Instagram.

Sharron Townsend

Personal trainer Sharron spent his time on the show courting Rhonda Paul, with the pair’s naughty antics costing the group $16,000. The lovers left the shower in a relationship, but what has become of them since? 

Unfortunately, the pair went their separate ways after the show as the pandemic made it difficult for them to see one another.

Although he’s no longer with Paul, Townsend seemed optimistic about them getting back together, admitting in a previous interview: “Hopefully there’s still a chance that we can still make something work. I got a lot of love for her.”

New Jersey-based Sharron is now predominantly a model and actor according to his website. He appeared in an Ari Lennox and J Cole music video in February, and had a small role in Creed II.  He has also launched the Today I Smiled project.

Rhonda Paul

27-year-old Rhonda Paul left her THTH experience with boyfriend Sharron, but the single mum has since returned to Atlanta, where she owns PureluXX, a jewellery shop

Speaking of her split from Townsend, she said: “Unfortunately we are not [together] We are the best of friends; we still do talk, as far as helping each other out, talking to each other and things like that.”

Nicole O’Brien

Like many of the series one Too Hot to Handle cast, Nicole from Ireland, didn’t find a love connection on the show. She did leave $7,000 dollars richer, however, after the prize money was split 10 ways so it’s not all bad.

Since the show, Nicole has teamed up with some brands and she’s also kept in contact with Chloe, with the pair often sharing pics together on their Instagram accounts. She was charging £29 for personalised videos on Cameo.

Haley Cureton

Whenever we see Haley’s name, we can’t help laughing as we remember the moment she was eliminated from the show and didn’t care because she hadn’t formed many friendships let alone romances. She did make friends with Francesca before she left, though.

Following the show, the 23-year-old continued with her education at the University of North Florida.

She looks quite different to when she appeared on THTH. On her Instagram, she experiments with different coloured wigs. It seems she’s also become quite the influencer as well since the show, partnering with lots of fashion and beauty brands.

Kelz Dyke

The accountant of the group failed to make a love connection on the show despite a small fling with Francesca. He continues to live in London, where he plays for the London Warriors – an American football team.  

Back home in South London, Kelz says like has changed a lot, and “staying famous” has been much harder than he expected.

Speaking in an interview with Fox News, he said: “I keep saying becoming famous is easy but staying famous is a completely different thing, especially being famous for the right reasons as well. So I’m quite lucky because what I think is very important are the things you learn as you get older that you don’t know when you’re 21. If this show happened to me when I was 21, we’re having a totally different conversation”.

David Birtwistle

British David was put through his paces by both Chloe and newcomer Lydia, but what has come of him since the show? 

The fitness and nutrition coach has since founded a performance coaching programme called Endeavour Life, become a Nike Training ambassador and released his own ‘home fat loss guide’. He has also joined Cameo – offering personalised videos for £20.75 (a bit cheaper than Nicole).  

Dating wise, it doesn’t look like David has found that special someone yet.

Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith – aka Jesus – left the competition voluntarily during episode six, but has since relocated to Los Angeles from Colorado and become the COO of Dream Katchers Enterprise, a multimedia company. 

In 2019, the former America’s Next Top Model contestant actually played Jesus in a short film – bless. 

He’s actually cut off his long hair since appearing on the show (with a little help from fellow THTH cast member Bryce) but he still looks great, if you ask us!

Bryce Hirschberg

Piano man Bryce entered the villa a few days after everyone else and cost the group $3,000 after kissing Chloe.

He is now based in Los Angeles and considers himself to be a director, producer, actor and singer/songwriter – quite the multi-hyphenate. According to his website, he is currently working on his debut album and is recording music independently under the artist name, Bryc. If his THTH performance is anything to go by, it’s bound to be a chart-topper. 

Kori Sampson

UK-based Kori was another late arrival but made the most of his time on the show with Chloe. He is now a model and personal trainer, having released a lifestyle and body eBook. 

Madison Wyborny

Madison joined the group after Haley’s departure, and since the competition, she’s been travelling all over the world. She now lives in LA and works as a model. 

Lydia Clyma

British Lydia arrived with Kori and Madison and got close to David, although things didn’t blossom on the outside.

In March, Lydia revealed she’d decided to donate her eggs as she explained her reasoning behind not revealing she had a son on the Netflix show.

“I think I’m just very protective of him. He’s my personal life. With reality you have the thing where everyone sees and then you want to be able to go home to your personal life which you can protect and enjoy in private,” she told OK!

From the looks of her Instagram, Lydia has partnered with a few brands including Fashion Nova and Protein World.


Too Hot To Handle series two starts on Netflix on June 23rd – you can find out who is in the Too Hot To Handle season 2 cast here. If you’re looking for more to watch check out our TV guide or visit our hub for more Entertainment news.