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The Voice week two Battle Round pairings: see who's going head-to-head

Paloma Faith, Ricky Wilson, and Boy George have more decisions to make as they cut their teams and spin for a steal...

Published: Saturday, 5th March 2016 at 7:00 am

It's another week of Battles on tonight's The Voice. The aim? The coaches must cut their teams by choosing between two of their singers. The catch? One of the other coaches can steal the singer they ditch. If none of the coaches want a singer, it's the end of the road...


Here's who's going up against who tonight:

Battle 1: Team Paloma

Singers: Kevin Simm against Faith Nelson

Song: Spotlight by Jennifer Hudson

Kevin's first audition:

Kevin says: “I’m excited for Battles… I want to get through, I am not satisfied with just this (getting to battles). My weakness going into Battle would be the fact I’m not much of a mover."

Faith's first audition:

Faith says: “The idea of battling older, more experienced singers is cool, but I don’t like it when they talk all technical – I don’t fully understand it but at the same time it would be part of my learning process."

Battle 2: Team Boy George

Singers: Chase Morton against J Sealy

Song: I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash

Chase's first audition:

Chase says: "I'm a sportsman, if you want to get to the next stage you have to be better than the next person. I have to show them that I am a better vocalist and better performer."

J's first audition:

J says: “I’m a battle cat! The idea of battling someone makes me want to run towards it. I never back down. I’m not trying to be gangster but I have just been through so much in my life it’s made me strong and I’m more than ready."

Battle 3: Team Will

Singers: Vivica Jade against Lauren Lapsley-Browne

Song: Love Shack by The B-52s

Vivica's first audition:

Vivica says: “I’m definitely not going to let anyone stand in my way. In past experiences I have been too nice but this time I’m strong minded and determined.”

Lauren's first audition:

Lauren says: "It’s much better to work and concentrate on yourself rather than worrying and focusing on what other people sound like. I used to freak myself about what others sound like but I have learnt to accept we don’t all sound the same.”

Battle 4: Team Ricky

Singers: Kagan against Dave Barnes

Song: King by Years and Years

Kagan's first audition:

Kagan says: “I need to top my last performance and [my opponent's] as well. I’ve got to win. We have all been through the same process, they want it as much as I do. At the end of the day I want to enjoy it.”

Dave's first audition:

Dave says: "I am going to pull something out of the bag on the actual day that Ricky hasn’t heard yet. I don’t want to shout about it. There is going to be a certain amount of strategy at this stage."

Battle 5: Team Boy George

Singers: Vangelis against Melissa Cavanagh

Song: One by U2

Vangelis's first audition:

Vangelis says: "If I'm honest, the battles are my least favourite part of the competition. I don't enjoy thinking about screaming over another singer. I want to remain true to who I am and do what I do best which will hopefully shine through. I've never competed against someone else, but knowing I have no choice, I just have to bring everything I have to the table.”

Melissa's first audition:

Melissa says: "I’m looking forward to everything. I’m really excited to have one on one time with George, finding out who I’m paired up with and the song choice. The battle is my favourite bit of the show. You get some absolutely quality duets and I can’t wait to get to work and perform."

Battle 6: Team Ricky

Singers: Janine Dyer against Mia Sylvester

Song: Ain't No Other Man by Christina Aguilera

Janine's first audition:

Janine says: “You don’t want to bow out now do you? I would go gracefully but I wouldn’t want to go, who would?"

Mia's first audition:

MIia says: “I can give it a bit of attitude. This is the time to step it up, they are looking at you visually now and you have to have the package. Your image and persona are important."

Battle 7: Team Will

Singers: Colleen Gormley against Tom Rickels

Song: Everything She Wants by Wham

Colleen's first audition:

Colleen says: “I’m really looking forward to the Battles, especially getting back on the stage and singing with my whole heart. I don’t care about my competing I just want to get back out there no matter what happens.”

Tom's first audition:

Tom says: "It’s going to be so fun. You have to do the best you can. The animal within you is saying ‘I’m going to kill this person’ but you just need to focus on doing your best. I have a twin and an older brother so I learnt all about competing growing up."

Battle 8: Team Paloma

Singers: Deano against Megan Reece

Song: I Try by Macy Gray

Deano's first audition:

Deano says: “I can’t wait until The Battles, I’m buzzing. I’m looking forward to working with Paloma. I’m not a very technical singer, I don’t perform many riffs/runs so if I was to come up against that, I wouldn’t stand a chance. That being said it is not always about doing all that technical stuff, I like to think I have good tone, I sing with soul."

Megan's first audition:

Megan says: “I don’t have a competitive personality, so going into Battles is a very new experience I’m just trying to get into that competitive mentality."

Battle 9: Team Boy George

Singers: Leighton Jones against Eli Cripps

Song: If I Were Your Woman by Gladys Knight and The Pips

Leighton's first audition:

Leighton says: “I’m looking forward to finding out the song choice, I HAVE to get the right song. I’ve been trying not to think about it too much as there’s no point in getting worked up at this stage. I take things in my stride.”

Eli's first audition:

Eli says: “I’m nervous because it’s such a ruthless thing going up against the other person and although I’m competitive, aggression doesn’t come naturally to me. I will try to stay calm and do my thing.”

Battle 10: Team Will

Singers: Mari Marli against Lyrickal

Song: Like I Can by Sam Smith

Mari's first audition:

Mari says: “It reflects the real life entertainment industry as the music business is a battle. Having to beat a team mate is a part of the process, I will be like ‘oh no’ and I would be sorry to see them leave but I’m determined to go through."

Lyrickal's first audition:

Lyrickal says: “I’m up for them, I’m used to that sort of thing coming from a hip-hop background. Beatboxing, rhyming etc. The first time I went in for a Battle was in '89. It was for the UK Rapping Championship, the final was in Leicester Square at the empire in from of 2,000/3,000 people. I won. I still have the gold plated microphone."

Battle 11: Team Paloma

Singers: Aine Carroll against Rachel Ann

Song: This Is The Last Time by Keane

Aine's first audition:

Aine says: "I am going to smash it! I am going to work and make sure that it is my best performance yet! I am ready to go out there and do my best! Ricky hasn’t seen everything yet. I want to surprise him, I want him to be like, 'Oh my God, what? Where did that come from?!'"

Rachel's first audition:

Rachel says: “It’s scary being up against someone. I want to get through and will fight for it! I know who I am, I found myself as a person and a musician at a young age. If I get a song that isn’t my style I will adapt it so it will be, I will put who I am into the song."

Battle 12: Team Paloma

Singers: Beth Morris against Steve Devereaux

Song: Crazy by Gnarls Barkley

Beth's first audition:

Beth says: “I would welcome someone being in my face. I’ll be driven and focused on what I want to achieve, whether they’re nice or not, I will bring it!"

Steve's first audition:

Steve says: “I will recognise the best way to perform in Battles is to be generous to the other singer: eye contact, knowing what the song means. It would be nonsense to try and blow the other singer out of the water."


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