We've reached the end of The Traitors' second week and while there have been tears, trials and off-target banishments at the Scottish castle, one of the biggest moments from the show so far has been magician Tom revealing his secret relationship with fellow player Alex to the rest of the group.


While many viewers were left frustrated by the 24-year-old's confession – which was received poorly by his fellow contestants and ultimately led to his elimination – Tom has revealed exactly why he chose to disclose his and Alex's concealed connection when he did.

Speaking to RadioTimes.com in an exclusive interview, the Buckinghamshire-based magician explained that he felt he needed "to go ham or go home" with the truth after Alex was put on trial by the Traitors alongside Ivan and John.

"Everyone's online being like, 'You're such an idiot for saying at this point,' but the fact of the matter is that everyone behind Alex's back is going to my face, 'I think it's Alex – we'll be voting Alex, she's too quiet, she's definitely smarter than she looks.'

Alex and Tom on The Traitors
Alex and Tom on The Traitors. BBC

"So when they were put on trial, there was like this general consensus and everyone agreed that one of the people on trial must be a Traitor. Everyone was fixated on that and I sort of joined the bandwagon with that."

He added that everyone believed John – who was eventually killed by the Traitors – to be "100 per cent Faithful" and so as he suspected Ivan to be a Traitor anyway, he tried to convince people to banish him in order to protect Alex.

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"I suspected Ivan anyway, just because he'd been going around towards everyone ultimately being his lovely, friendly self – but I also just thought to myself, someone's going to vote one of these three."

He continued: "At the moment, it's all on Alex. I need to go ham or go home, I need to go up and literally just lie to everyone, be like, 'I can read people', just say anything I can to convince everyone to vote for Ivan.

"Otherwise you have the Maddy effect, in my opinion. Like, you can say the right answer all day long but it doesn't actually matter unless you can convince the other players."

Fans will know that Maddy, who is a Faithful, spent several episodes of the show trying to convince her fellow players that Wilfred is a Traitor and while she was correct, there weren't many others who were willing to vote for him at the elimination roundtables.

Tom, who became the fourth player to be banished, also revealed to RadioTimes.com whether he was still in a relationship with Alex since filming the show, adding that people have been "non-stop" asking on social media.

The Traitors continues on Wednesday 14th December at 9pm on BBC One.

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