*Warning – Contains spoilers for The Mole season 2.*


Season 2 of The Mole has been drawing in audiences on Netflix, with viewers gasping at every shocking twist and turn.

Last month, 12 new contestants found themselves in a high-stakes competition in Malaysia as they began working together in a series of challenges to add money to an overall prize pot. But there's a twist!

Among the players is "the Mole", who had been tasked with sabotaging the group's efforts at making money during the challenges.

However, as the contestants get closer to finding out who the Mole is, several have been eliminated along the way.

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As viewers and the players alike try and work out who the Mole is, read on for everything you need to know about the season 2 cast, including those who have been eliminated from the competition.

The Mole season 2 cast

  • Deanna
  • Hannah
  • Jennifer - ELIMINATED
  • Melissa - ELIMINATED
  • Michael
  • Muna
  • Neesh - ELIMINATED
  • Ryan
  • Sean
  • Quaylyn - ELIMINATED


Deanna, smiling ahead whilst being pictured. She is wearing a black t-shirt with rainbow coloured lightning bolts.
Deanna on The Mole. Bonnie Yap/Netflix

Age: 50

Job: Web sleuth

Instagram: @realbaudimoovan

Many avid Netflix watchers will recognise Deanna as Baudi Moovan from Don't F**k With Cats, and now she is taking on a new challenge.

But is Deanna the Mole? She says no. "I am an absolutely terrible liar. This isn't a low-key brag … I wish I was better. I don't know if it has something to do with being autistic, but always assumed that I lacked the nuance to do it well."


Hannah, smiling, whilst being pictured for The Mole. She has long blonde hair and has a piece of it tucked behind her ear.
Hannah on The Mole. Bonnie Yap/Netflix

Age: 23

Job: Marketing consultant

Instagram: @hannahburnns

23-year-old Hannah is a student pilot and has a Doberman puppy named Bane. One of the scariest events in her life was when she had to complete a blind landing in a single-engine prop plane.

But is Hannah the Mole? She says no. "I'm team $$$ and here to WIN the whole pot."


Michael on The Mole.
Michael on The Mole. Bonnie Yap/Netflix

Age: 30

Job: Parking manager

Instagram: @mobrien22

Michael travels the United States competing in tournaments in a gay flag football league.

But is Michael the Mole? He says no. "I talk way too much to be the Mole."


Muna, smiling, whilst wearing a cream pink coloured blouse and head scarf.
Muna on The Mole. Bonnie Yap/Netflix

Age: 24

Job: Software engineer

Instagram: @munaabdulahi_

Muna is a spoken word poet and has also circumnavigated the world on a ship!

But is Munda the Mole? She says no. "I am a detective at heart."


Ryan, smiling, whilst wearing a white and pink floral blouse. She has dark blond hair and it is tucked behind her ears.
Ryan on The Mole. Bonnie Yap/Netflix

Age: 33

Job: Volleyball coach

Instagram: @ryanw270

Ryan can do a 30-inch box jump despite only be 5ft 2! The 33-year-old is married to her high school sweetheart and they have four children together.

But is Ryan the Mole? She says no. "I am a team player, and I want the biggest prize at the end to take home!"


Sean smiling and wearing a jean jacket jumper.
Sean on The Mole. Bonnie Yap/Netflix

Age: 42

Job: Retired undercover cop

Instagram: N/A

Stay at home dad Sean loves '80s and '90s boy bands, but could he be the Mole?

He said: "I'm here to compete for my family and win cash. I don't have what it takes to sabotage or ruin people's chances of winning money."

Eliminated contestants


Jennifer, smiling, as she wears and off-the-shoulder brown blouse.
Jennifer on The Mole. Bonnie Yap/Netflix

Age: 28

Job: Program analyst

Instagram: @ay_venezuela

Jennifer was not the Mole and became the first contestant to be eliminated from the competition.


Andy, wearing a blue shirt, smiling as he sits in a brick room.
Andy on The Mole. Bonnie Yap/Netflix

Age: 65

Job: Forensic accountant

Instagram: @andymintzer

Not Andy! He became the second contestant to be eliminated after performing the worst on the Mole quiz.


Melissa, smiling, wearing a green and black polka dot blouse.
Melissa on The Mole. Bonnie Yap/Netflix

Age: 34

Job: Poker player

Instagram: @mel.lummus

After the scaling the building challenge, Melissa performed the worst in the quiz and became the third cast member to be eliminated.


Tony smiling and wearing a plain black t-shirt.
Tony on The Mole. Bonnie Yap/Netflix

Age: 24

Job: VIP host

Instagram: @tonyyyalejandro

Tony became the fourth contestant to be eliminated from the competition, but notably his ally Hannah is still in.


Quaylyn smiling and wearing a light blue shirt.
Quaylyn on The Mole. Bonnie Yap/Netflix

Age: 41

Job: Bus driver

Instagram: N/A

Quaylyn says he is "too honest" and plays around "too much" to be the Mole. Quaylyn didn't have it easy after being eliminated – being brought back only to be eliminated again!


Neesh on The Mole.
Neesh on The Mole. Bonnie Yap/Netflix

Age: 30

Job: Marketer

Instagram: @neesh__me

While lying may not be in his genes, Neesh's honesty didn't help him out either and he became the sixth contestant to be eliminated.

The first five episodes of The Mole season 2 are available to watch on Netflix now.


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