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Exclusive - The Masked Singer's Morten Harket reveals technical difficulties on the show: "It was taxing at all times"

The A-ha singer was revealed to be Viking during last Saturday's show.

The Masked Singer
Published: Monday, 1st February 2021 at 3:46 pm

A-ha frontman Morten Harket has opened up about his time as Viking on The Masked Singer, describing it as "taxing at all times" due to technical difficulties.


In an exclusive interview with, the Norwegian singer revealed that he struggled with audio problems whilst performing on stage.

Speaking about his The Masked Singer experience, he said: "It was taxing at all times really – I knew I would be in for a treat because I had no control of most of the conditions.

"Sonically, my foldback was really poor but that was my own fault for using my own system, the one I still have, because I've been so attached to it and it's worked so well for so long but it's too old and I should let it go. It was failing me.

"So that kind of added to it, but being inside of it was decidedly uncomfortable," he laughed.

Harket added that he was surprised that the panellists didn't guess Viking was him after he sung his own song – A-ha's Take On Me – in Week Five.

"I thought both the clues, a number of them anyway, and my voice, which again because of my sound problems I couldn't really be very playful with it, [would give me away].

"I couldn't dodge things with the voice. I might have done it different I think, it would have been different for me if I was focused or was able to focus properly but that wasn't the case.

"So I ended up sounding more like me than I would have because I just needed to, I don't know, aim through a very foggy windscreen."


During Saturday night's show, Harket became the sixth celebrity to be unmasked this series, followed shortly after by Lenny Henry, who was masquerading as Blob.

The Masked Singer airs Saturday nights on ITV. Looking for something to watch? Find out what is on with our TV Guide.

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