Boys, tonight two new girls will enter the villa and you will host welcome drinks #fixuplooksharp #gamechangers

Yes, Wednesday night sees the first new influx (if two count as an influx) of girls into the villa and while it sounds as if the boys are all but licking their lips, it's safe to say the incumbent ladies are feeling a little vulnerable...


Samira (who has zero chemistry with current coupling Alex): “I’m like, this is a game, this has to happen, but I’m a bit worried about my place here now.”

Dani (who is not happy with Jack): “I feel like we’re so vulnerable. I’m not going to worry because if this is my last few days in here at least I’ve enjoyed myself.”

Hayley (who seems to have less and less in common with Eyal): “I’m in a very vulnerable situation right now.”

Watching from the upstairs terrace, as is now traditional, the girls spot new arrivals Rosie and Georgia making their entrance and see the boys flocking around them.

Love Island girls Georgia and Rosie
Love Island new arrivals Georgia and Rosie (ITV Pictures)

“I don’t like this at all,” says Samira.

“I feel like I’m watching my boyfriend cheat on me,” agrees Dani.

And when musical theatre star Samira overhears Georgia announce that she is a drama student, Samira fumes: “Now I feel jealous, I feel weird. I hope she wasn’t on the West End.”

Samira is clearly deducing a lot about Georgia, even from a distance: “She’s ballsy. She would nick your man. She would take him from your table and buy him a drink.”

Meanwhile, the boys are, of course, having a great time and when another pair of texts arrives with the results of the public vote, it's time to find out who will be heading off on dates with the new arrivals.

Here's hoping Dr Alex’s luck is about to change...


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