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The Jump’s Dom and Phil: going out was a “game plan”

“We’re on the bench, we’re not out!” say the duo who plan to swoop in at the last minute and win logo
Published: Sunday, 1st February 2015 at 7:45 pm

Tonight Gogglebox star Dom Parker and former cricketer Phil Tufnell were the first to leave The Jump, but reveal going out early was their game plan. And it’s not just so they can enjoy the après ski. Oh, no. It’s about winning.


“Our game plan was to get on the bench and pop in right at the last minute,” Dom tells moments after successfully landing a ski jump live on TV.

And win they could. The duo aren’t out, they now make up the subs bench and can be called upon to come back in if another competitor is injured.

“It’s anyone’s game. Anyone can fall over,” muses Tufnell, who explains they’ll still continue training, in case they’re needed.

Not that they’re hoping anyone is going to actually injure themselves. “I hope everyone stays perfectly fit and healthy,” Dom affirms.

While their skeleton times (this year’s first event) wasn’t enough to keep them safe, they did both land their jumps successfully. They didn’t jump far enough to stay in - each clocking up 9 meters (Mike Tindall jumped 18) - but they actually both enjoyed jumping live.

Tuffers wasn’t sick at the top of the hill this time - “I actually wanted to do it” - and they both say jumping in front of a live crowd is better. The adrenalin kicked in, just like his old sporting days, Tufnell explains. For Dom, the darkness was a real bonus.

“Being dark you can’t see that you’re throwing yourself off of a mountain, which is exactly what you’re doing!”

And while dancer Louie Spence is “stuck to the ceiling” with excitement after beating former England rugby captain Mike Tindall down the skeleton run, Dom and Phil actually beat his time, too.

“Reem!” they yell simultaneously, borrowing a phrase from fellow competitor Joey Essex, who avoided the jump tonight after beating Tufnell down the skeleton run.

And the duo are pretty sure Tindall will stick to the dare laid out by Louie; namely a public walk in some tiny underwear. “Louie’s already gone to pick Mike’s G-String,” Dom laughs.

“I’m looking forward to it in a strange kind of way,” Tufnell chuckles.

Let’s hope they catch it on film, eh?


The Jump continues at the later time of 8:00pm on Channel 4 tomorrow night


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