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The Jump: the records this year’s celebrities are aiming to beat

Reigning champ Joe McElderry could see his records tumble as sixteen more celebrities – including Mike Tindall and Stacey Solomon – tackle The Jump logo
Published: Sunday, 1st February 2015 at 8:00 am

Singer Joe McElderry is currently the only celebrity to win The Jump (and claim a cowbell trophy). But his reign is about to come to an end as sixteen new celebrities step up to the plate for the second series of the ski-themed reality show.


Former England rugby captain Mike Tindall, dancer Louie Spence and Gogglebox’s Dom Parker are among the brave (or should that be bonkers?) celebrities taking part. They’ll tackle all manner of terrifying challenges including skeleton, bobsleigh and ski cross. Those that fail to rack up a high enough score will face the live ski jumps, where they attempt to leap the furthest – if at all – in order to ski another day.

While they’ll be busy competing amongst themselves – we’re particularly looking forward to a fun face off between sportsman Mike Tindall and Phil Tufnell – they could also smash a couple of records from last year.

Here are the people to beat:

The biggest jumps:

Winner Joe McElderry sits pretty at the top with a big jump leap of 17.5m.

Runner-up Donal MacIntyre also jumped 17.5m from the middle jump while Darren Gough holds the title for the furthest leap off the smallest jump at 12m.

The skeleton:

5ive member Ritchie Neville holds the fastest skeleton time at 44.814 seconds. Meanwhile, former Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt is the owner of the female record at 44.180 seconds.

Two-man bobsleigh:

It’s Olympian Sir Steve Redgrave in the lead here with a time of 58.46 seconds and Wyatt again beats the females with 59.56 seconds.


Regrave and Wyatt each hold the top spots for slalom, too, with times of 39.3 and 53.44 respectively.


The Jump returns Sunday at 7:00pm on Channel 4


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