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The Jump: Heather Mills and Ashley Roberts first ladies out

Mills and Roberts both landed successful live jumps, but it wasn't enough to save them logo
Published: Monday, 2nd February 2015 at 7:57 pm

The men may have been on the après ski all afternoon, but for the ladies tonight's episode of The Jump was the first time they battled. After some fierce competition, it was Heather Mills and Ashley Roberts that were eventually sent packing.


As with last night, all eight of the female competitors tackled the skeleton run - aka the fast one on a tea tray - before those with the slowest times had to face off with a live ski jump.

The gloves were off (not literally, it's cold in Austria) and there was fighting talk among the ladies. Mainly from socialite Lady Victoria Hervey who wouldn't let TV presenter and racer Jodie Kidd even stand near her while she took on the run. 

With a few bumps along the way - former Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts almost bowing out the race completely - they all successfully completed the course. Heather Mills, Lady Victoria Hervey, Ashley Roberts and Made In Chelsea's Louise Thompson's slower times meant they each then had to leap off of the side of a mountain Eddie the Eagle style. 

All opting to jump from the middle jump (men, take note) Mills landed a 12 meter jump, making her the first below the knee amputee ever to complete a ski jump - on a borrowed prosthetic leg no less. Roberts clocked up a 13m jump, Lady VH a 12.5m jump and Thompson a whopping 15.5m. 

So it was the end of the road for Roberts and Mills who now join former cricketer Phil Tufnell and Gogglebox's Dom Parker on the subs' bench, where they can be called back in if someone else is injured. 

"I'm absolutely gutted. I had a weird feeling... I'm gutted," Roberts told host Davina McCall, while Mills smiled her way back to the warmth of the ski lodge.

Tomorrow night the action moves to Kühtai, where the celebs will tackle the brand new air jump in place of the ski jump.


The Jump continues Tuesday at 8:00pm on Channel 4


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