The Great Christmas Bake Off: What has returning contestant Rob Billington been up to since he left GBBO?

How far did he get in the competition? What’s he been doing ever since? Everything you need to know about the former Bake Off contestant

The Great Festive Bake Off 2017: Rob Billington (C4, TL)

Yes, it’s Rob from the Class of ’11. You know, the Rob whose pristine chocolate cake slid onto the floor at the end of a challenge? That’s right, the contestant who’s custard meringue pie collapsed in his final week on the show.


But what has Rob been up to since his Bake Off days? Here’s everything you need to know about the returning contestant…

Name: Rob Billington

Age: 31

Job: Photographer

Series: 2

Week Eliminated: 5 (Pie Week)

Twitter: @robertbillingto 

What has Rob been up to since he left Bake Off?

Rob still works as a photographer, covering advertising fashion and a lot of food. He also still occasionally posts recipes to his blog page.

Cooking on an open fire is THE BEST #firefighter

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What else? Oh yeah: HE’S ACTUAL GROWN HIS HAIR. Instead of the relatively smart wavy locks her sported in Series 2, Rob now wears a longer style.

And there’s bad news for anyone who was a member of the “Rob Billington Can Squeeze My Icing Bag Any Day” Facebook page: it’s now been shut down. Surely now’s the time to resurrect the fandom, though?


The Great Christmas Bake Off will air on Monday 25th December at 7.40pm and Monday 1st January at 7.40pm – both on Channel 4