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The Great British Bake Off's Sophie and Steven want to film a Channel 4 spin-off

The winner and runner-up of GBBO 2017 tell Radio Times about going on holiday together and how reaching the Bake Off final changed their lives

The Great British Bake Off Sophie Faldo and Steven Carter-Bailey
Published: Thursday, 1st February 2018 at 3:53 pm

When The Great British Bake Off drew to a close, the final credits rolled and revealed that winner Sophie Faldo and runner-up Steven Carter-Bailey had become BBFFs. That's Baking Best Friends Forever.


And to prove it, they posed together in a photo and held up matching #Substance and #Style Post-It notes. “They’re planning to go on holiday together,” the credits continued. “They’re going to Scandinavia…to visit bakeries…and see the Northern Lights.”

So what came of this baking trip? Well when Radio Times asked what had happened on the holiday, Sophie and Steven revealed that they haven't even managed to go yet!

"We've been so so busy!" said Steven. "I'd love nothing more than to take a break with Sophie, go to Scandinavia and just relax for a little bit but it's been absolutely insane since Bake Off finished and we just don't have time together."

But if they were to have the time, we reckon this sounds like the perfect Bake Off spin-off for Channel 4...

"If they're watching, we'd love to do that." said Sophie. "That would be awesome!"

Steven added: "OK, Channel 4 – we would love for you to follow us and watch us on our Scandinavian tour."

"If they want to pay for it as well that'd be great, thanks..."

Watch the video above to see what else Sophie and Steven had to say about life post-Bake Off, and what their plans for the future are.


The Great British Bake Off returns to Channel 4 in the autumn.


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