The Big Day release date: Everything you need to know about Netflix’s Indian wedding series

Will it be as addictive as Indian Matchmaking?

The Big Day on Netflix

Remember when we used to moan about going to weddings? Now we find ourselves daydreaming about dancing barefoot to Don’t Stop Me Now in a nicely decorated conference centre.


Knowing that we’re pining for such events, Netflix is dropping a fabulous new wedding reality series just in time for Valentines’ Day. The show follows Indian couples as they prepare for their nuptials, offering us a day invitation (no evening guests here) to eye-poppingly decadent parties.

If you’re as excited as we are then keep reading. Here’s everything we know about the series so far:

When is The Big Day on Netflix?

There’s only one day this series could drop: Sunday 14th February, aka Valentines’ Day. So whether you’re snuggled up with your intended, or you need background noise while swiping through Tinder, The Big Day should make perfect weekend viewing. Three episodes (or ‘Collection 1’ as Netflix is calling it) will drop on 14th February, with another three (‘Collection 2’) planned for later in the year.

What is The Big Day about?

There are lots of dating shows on TV, including Netflix’s smash hit Indian Matchmaking, but what happens once you’ve found your one and only? You plan a wedding of course! The Big Day follows modern Indian couples as they prepare for the happiest day of their lives. Don’t expect any intimate registry office dos though – these are lavish, extravagant affairs with a huge budget, each carefully personalised to suit the couples.

Who are the couples on The Big Day?

Netflix promises, “Plenty of modern Indian millennials who do not believe in towing the line. From planning a truly sustainable wedding, which is the need of the hour, to a bride that does not believe in following traditions blindly, the stories would definitely touch a chord.

“Join them as they take you behind-the-scenes, navigating their way through an eye-opening list of shenanigans and soul-stirring moments that go into creating the spectacle that is the great Indian wedding. All this with a side of family drama, unique personal struggles, triumphs and much more, to create the most heartening and lavish real-life weddings that are no less than Bollywood blockbusters.”

Get to know The Big Day couples in our handy guide.

Is there a trailer for The Big Day?

Yes there is! Feast your eyes on this:


The Big Day drops on Netflix on Sunday 14th February. Looking for something to watch before that? Check out our TV Guide