Steven Ugoalah blasted onto this year’s The Apprentice with a whole lot to say (mainly about potatoes – he can really sell a potato) but found his journey come to a very abrupt end after just four weeks.


Yep, Lord Sugar’s firing finger was extra busy tonight, with Steven becoming one of three candidates from Team Tenacity to be shown the door.

Three whole firings. Lord Sugar might need to be reigned in soon. There's a lot of weeks left.

Tonight's failure? Team Tenacity's Fat Daddy Fitness Hell video failed to go viral. Even after poor Felipe did all of those press ups.

But what really happened? Should Steven, Sarah and Ella Jade been fired? We grab a chat with Steven:

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How are you feeling post-firing?

“I feel fine, yeah. I would have liked my chance to fight my corner more. It was unfortunate. I’m really gutted I would have really liked Lord Sugar to be my business partner.”

Do you think you should have been taken back into the boardroom this week?

“Let me think... Course not.”

So who was to blame for the failure of the task?

“The person that should have been brought back to the boardroom was either Katie or Felipe. Felipe because he came up with a really bad idea and Katie for doing a really bad job.”

It didn’t seem like you got much of a chance to be involved. Is that how it felt?

“Unfortunately it’s one of those things yeah, after the first week people saw how well I sort of argued, people just did not want to risk even listening to me. That’s just what happens. That’s what I learnt. After the first week, there was friction there.”

Should you have been on screen for the team’s video this week?

“Yeah, I should have been on screen, but like I said, because there was this whole hoo-ha after week one, they weren’t going to put me on screen, a lot of people just didn’t like me.”

You told Lord Sugar that you wanted to be project manager, do you think you’d have done well in that role?

“I’d have been the best project manager. I would have had a brainstorm and given a chance for ideas to be put forward and chosen the best idea. I’d have divided the team based on people’s strengths.”

What mistakes do you think the project managers have been making?

“I just think not dividing the team according to people’s strengths.”

What was it like to work with Lord Sugar?

“The opportunity to have a little bit of mentorship from somebody who’s almost a billionaire, it was very humbling.”

Would you go on the show again?

"Definitely. I am very grateful for the opportunity to do The Apprentice and I’d do it again.”

Who do you think has what it takes to get to the final?

“I like Gemma. My guess is as good as yours.”

Have you stuck to the business idea you were going to pitch to Lord Sugar?

“I completely changed professions now. I’m working in property now.”


The Apprentice continues Wednesdays at 9:00pm on BBC1