HellooOOO and welcome to Strictly Come Dancing. This was Halloween week, so prepare yourselves for terrifying Tangos, bloodcurdling beats and frightful feedback from the judges. Plus more face paint and killer costumes than you've ever seen before.


The remaining eleven Strictly contestants got their spook on for a horror-filled Halloween special - but were their performances be the stuff of nightmares or halloween treats?

This is what happened when Ellie Walker-Arnott - RadioTimes.com's official Strictly superfan - live blogged this weekend's live show...


We haven't see the last of these spooktacular Halloween costumes. They'll be back on our telly screens tomorrow night, when we'll have to say goodbye to yet another celebrity. That's 7:15pm tomorrow night on BBC1.

I'll see you back here, same time, same place next Saturday night. And in the meantime, keeeeeep dancing (and tweeting me with your thoughts on tonight's performances.) Thanks very muchly!

Ellie x


That's it for tonight. We've had our Halloween tricks and treats. Thrills, frights and disappointments. So how does the leaderboard look?

Georgia is at the top, followed by Jay and Helen in joint second. Down at the other end, Carol is at the bottom, with Kirsty and Katie also in the danger zone.

The phone lines and the online vote is now open so do support your fave if you think they might be in danger of the dreaded dance off...


Can she end the show on a high again? Let's find out... Craig gives them an 8, Darcey a 9, Len an 8 and Bruno a 9, It's 34. High, but not the highest of the night.


Her dance is brilliant too. A fun, clever routine, full of dance content and characterisation.

"I really loved the opening scenario," says Craig. "The whole routine I thought was absolutely fabulous."

"Very, very impressive performance," adds Darcey.

"You delivered again, the midwife," smiles Len. "You are a yummy mummy."

"Mummy mia, here I go again," sings Bruno. "That's how you bring the dead back to life!"


She's managing to look incredibly glamorous with frizzy hair and an outfit made of loo roll. Impressive stuff.


Helen George is the last dance of the night. Can she retake her spot at the top of the leaderboard? She's dancing an Egyptian inspired routine to a Scissor Sisters classic.


It's 7s across the board for a total of 28.


Peter and Janette are up next, dancing a Foxtrot to Ella Henderson. There's so much smoke on the dancefloor I can barely see their feet, but that I can see is pretty good. Peter is sharp and focussed.

"You chill me to the bone," says Bruno, saying he's going to be hard on him this week. He thinks Peter is in his safe zone. He's performing the same way and not fully embracing new characters each week.

Craig would have liked it to be smoother, but says he "did a very good job."

"Very nice performance," Darcey.

"I loved your footwork," says Len, admitting he didn't know what score to give it. Let's find out what he decided...


The scores are in: 8, 9, 9, 9. That's their highest score so far and they are top of the leaderboard. (Poor Jeremy...)


The audience are back on their feet, and the judges are just as enamoured with the performance.

"I'm going to dub you the Queen of Halloween," says Len, calling it "fabulous."

Bruno praises her footwork, speed and momentum, while Craig gushes: "Sharp, staccato, feisty, incandescent."

"That was one powerful performance," concludes Darcey, calling it "beautiful work."


Georgia and Giovanni are up next, dancing a Tango to the Ghostbusters theme. Purists won't be impressed by her seethrough maxi. Not practical ghost hunting attire, that...


Carol Kirkwood is up next, as a very smily bride of Frankenstein. She keeps grinning all the way through but it's not enough to charm the judges.

"This just isn't your dance, sadly," says Darcey.

"You've kept a sunny disposition however frosty the judges are," adds Len.

"Bride of Frankenstein, your Rumba is grounds for divorce," laughs Bruno.

"It wasn't sexy and it certainly wasn't seductive, darling," concludes Craig.

They give her 2, 4, 4, 3. It's a total of 13. "It's not 40, but it might be more interesting than 40," says Claudia.


The scores are in? They get 7s all across the board. It's much lower than last week, but "that's okay," smiles Kellie.


They are like a couple of naughty school kids dancing on the tables - and the audience are back on their feet. It's up, down, up, down this week.

Craig thought the concept worked. "You are a wonderful, wonderful dancer," he says.

"You are fuelled with energy," says Darcey. "Fabulous."

"You took off like a Nimbus 2000," says Len. "Schools out but I tell you, you won't be."

"Miss Grainger, Mr Potter," shouts Bruno. "You created havoc at Hogwarts."

"You are a fantastic dancer and that was a fantastic performance," he concludes.


Not sure Hermione would have approved of that thigh split...


Kellie Bright's up next. She topped the leaderboard last week. Can her Potter-inspired Paso get her back there this week?


They get an 8 from Craig, a 9 from Darcey, an 8 from Len and a 9 from Bruno. One more than last week. Very nice!


Bruno says it was "wonderful", adding the wolf is "so well trained he could make best in show at Crufts."

Craig says he loved it, while Darcey called it smooth and stylish. She wished there was more characterisation, but called him "exceptional."

"There was no stressing, there was no messing. It was a lovely routine, well danced," concluded Len.


Aliona's a rather saucy Little Red Riding Hood in this performance. Jay is confident - and has no trouble with those lifts. The audience are back on their feet.


Jay is up next. He's grown all that hair back to play the Wolf to Aliona's Little Red Riding Hood. The pair promised us a "cheeky... naughty" performance and his first lift this week, so watch out!


The scores are in: 6, 6, 7, 7. 26. Is it enough to keep her safe from another dreaded dance off?


Jamelia's up next, performing a Rocky Horror Show inspired Jive. It's incredibly fast and fun, but a little stompy in places. You can't blame her though. That was one high-energy performance.

"It was a bit rocky, but it wasn't a horror," says Len, calling it a little underrehearsed.

"You had energy and a sense of fun," adds Bruno.

"It was a bit flat footed," says Craig. "But a fantastic energy and great storytelling."

"Incredibly enjoyable. Lots of fun," concludes Darcey.


"That was one of the most dramatic Waltzes I've ever seen," says Darcey, calling the performance "incredibly enjoyable."

"I didn't really know what was going on most of the time," says Len. "Probably there's a film and I haven't seen it." But he loved the dance itself: "The Waltz was fabulous... it was beautiful. Well done."

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"Magificent Maleficent," purrs Bruno. "You really immersed yourself in the character."

Craig thinks it lacks grace and flow. He liked the storytelling but he wanted it to be more "lyrical."

They get a 6 from Craig, an 8 from Darcey and Len and a 7 from Bruno. That's a solid 29.


I'm a little bit in love with that dress. And how she hasn't poked one of Gleb's eyes out is beyond me.

The waltz itself is indeed beautiful. It's elegant, dramatic and powerful.


Anita Rani is up next dancing a "hautingly beautiful" Waltz. She'll also be flying into the studio. I have high hopes for this one.


They get a 4 from Craig, 6 from Darcey, 6 from Len and a 6 from Bruno. It's a total of 22, which already means they're not bottom of the leaderboard tonight.

In fact, they are currently top! "Close the show now!" cries Jeremy.


"The problems really began when you started to dance," said a sour-faced Craig. But even he had to concede the theme worked: "Dressed as a zombie that actually worked very, very well."

Darcy praises his spectacular characterisation and timing.

"It wasn't super and it weren't very natural," Len says, adding that there is "an awkward charm" about the way he dances.

"The Salsa is dead and buried but actually I really, really enjoyed it," concludes Bruno.


Jeremy Vine is going zombie this week. This is going to be a crowd pleaser. His Salsa to Thriller is fun - and the undead theme suits Vine's long limbs and sometimes jerky dance moves. It even ends on a lift AND a theatrical, evil laugh. It's a winner, if you ask me.


The scores are in: 3, 5, 5, 4. A total of 17. Kirsty is clearly upset and it feels a bit mean. Can't they get a second go?! We really wouldn't mind if Strictly overran by a minute or two. Guys?


"What a mess! You made mincemeat out of that," says Bruno.

"It was very flat footed," said Craig, criticising her timing.

"You have no fear. It's incredibly impressive how you though yourself into those lifts anyway," says Darcey.

"I thought you coped very well," says Len, saying she recovered well from her mistake.


Up next? Kirsty Gallacher. She impressed last week with 29 points. Can she repeat that with a creepy Charleston?

There are ambitious lifts and fun sections, but it all feels a bit wooden and laboured. And there were definitely a few mistakes there. But that cartwheel? It's a 10 from me.


Craig gives them a 4, Darcey and Len go for 6s and Bruno a 5. That's 21. A disappointing score for the star who was topping the leaderboard just weeks ago.


The judges are poised to give them some frightful feedback, though...

"It doesn't really suit your personality," says Len. "It wasn't great, Kate."

"It was a bit like a door man," says Bruno, saying she should be a prima donna instead.

"I thought it was very stiff and also very akward," says Craig. "It wasn't great."

Katie looks visibly disappointed and as ever Darcey is kinder. "There is a good improvement already with your Latin," she says.


The first performance of the night is all frowns, frilly hems, smoke and spins. Katie is confident and focussed. And the audience love it, giving the performance the first standing ovation of the night...


Katie Derham is up first. Her and Anton are doing Phantom of the Opera. Anton's former dance partners Ann, Nancy and Judy have even been resurrected for their VT.


Me and Claudia are practically wearing the same outfit. I do have tail envy though.

Even the judges are in costume this year. They are channeling the Addams Family. Quite convincingly. Though I'm not sure Pugsley ever flashed his abs quite like that, Bruno...


And we're off! The pros are opening the night with an impressively scary dance. And here's our first look at tonight's costumes. There are an awful lot of hair extensions on that dance floor. And Craig Revel Horwood in a dress. As I said, Halloween is Strictly at it's very, very best.


There are mere minutes to go until the Strictly studio is unveiled. We can expect MILES of spider web, buckets of face paint and some gruesome Halloween-based word play.

Do tweet me your pictures if (like me) you've dressed up for the otherworldy occasion. Don't be shy...


Here's what the leaderboard looks like as we enter Halloween week. Helen and Kellie are sharing the top spot, while Jeremy is down in the shadowy depths bringing up the rear. Can he turn it around this week?


Want a reminder of what our celebs will be dancing to tonight? We've got the Scissor Sisters, Glee and Ella Henderson, Michael Jackson and Lana Del Ray. Jamelia is set to dance The Time Wrap while Katie and Anton will be channeling the Phantom of the Opera...


I hope you're all applying green face paint or sharpening your fangs as I type. Strictly might be scheduled over prime trick or treating time, but that's no reason not to dress up. Do tweet me pictures of your seriously scary Strictly get up. I'm @Ellie_Wa.


While you wait for your whiskers to dry, here's a sneak peek at tonight's action. Our Emma Daly popped along to rehearsals yesterday and here's what she found out about tonight's spooktacular. There will be flying, glittery toilet roll and a little Harry Potter-inspired magic...