Last night Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag (best known as 'Speidi') reached new heights in their bid to big become the most hated Big Brother contestants of all time. Having been handed a series of tasks in exchange for letters from their loved ones, Tricia Penrose was called upon to rank the contestants' messages in order of importance. After picking a tearful Claire Richards to receive her note first, the housemates were then informed the order was reversed and every single housemate had to complete their task in order for the Steps singer to collect her prize.

Ever ones to exploit and opportunity, Spencer and Heidi incensed their fellow contestants by refusing to partake in the challenge which required them to spend several hours apart from one another, a move that infuriated the group so much they then refused to read out the pair's letter.

Already unpopular amongst the American public following their appearance on US reality show, The Hills, Speidi's gleeful response to Claire's upset betrays a malice akin to some of the Big Brother greats. In case you need reminding, here are a few contestants to rival their vilification....

Nick Bateman: the original bad boy of Big Brother was undoubtedly series one contestant Nasty Nick. Everyone enters the house with a game plan, but none so far-fetched and conniving as the city broker from Kent whose duplicitous behaviour (he fibbed to housemates that he'd lost his wife in a car crash) and attempts to pass notes to contestants to rig nominations led to Big Brother booting him out after 36 days. So villainous was Nick that show bosses led him from the house in one of six blacked-out cars in an attempt to throw press and fans off the scent. Bateman has since apologised for his behaviour and appeared in Channel 4's final series - Ultimate Big Brother - where he was dubbed "Not So Nasty Nick" after redeeming his public persona. Here he is exchanging some heated words with eventual winner Craig Phillips:

Victor Ebuwa: A housemate during the fifth series of Big Brother, the self-styled "Slick Vic"'s volatile tenure in the house culminated in the infamous "fight night" which saw police called into the house after a row erupted between Ebuwa and legal secretary Emma Greenwood. Emma was subsequently evicted from the house while Vic received a formal warning - although that didn't stop him discussing nominations repeatedly with fellow contestant Jason Cowan and sparking another row with Shell Jubin. But BB5 viewers thrived on the action, voting for Victor who eventually finished in seventh place and returned for Channel 4's Ultimate Big Brother in 2010. Here are Victor and Emma in foul-mouthed action during Fight Night:

Makosi Musambasi: Upon entering the Big Brother house for series six of the show, Makosi was tipped as an early favourite, but a drunken romp with barrell-chested Geordie (and eventual winner) Anthony Hutton saw the cardiac nurse's reputation plummet following her admittance that she was 90 or 100% sure she was pregnant. However, with no bun in the oven, Makosi's rowdy confrontations with a string of her housemates, most notably Maxwell and Saskia, led to a chorus of booing as she left the Big Brother house. After remaining on the periphery of the Z-list party circuit, Makosi cropped up once again on Ultimate Big Brother, but was voted out second with an impressive 47.7% of the public vote. Once unpopular, always unpopular... Here are some of her best moments in the house:

Grace Adams-Short: Dance teacher Grace swanned into the Big Brother house for series seven, but besides her romantic liason with model Mikey Dalton, she was quick to make enemies of her fellow housemates, culminating in her explosive eviction when she threw water on Susie Verrico and labelled her a "moose". She was later voted back into the House Next Door but her reprieve did little to improve her public persona. Indeed, shortly after leaving the house Grace was attacked in a London nightclub, leaving her with some permanent scarring on her face. But boyfriend - and later husband - Mikey has stuck with her through thick and thin, with Grace giving birth to their daughter Georgiana in December 2011. Here is Grace's infamous eviction and water-gate incident:

Alexandra De-Gale: One of a number of past contestants who've been at the centre of a Big Brother bullying row, 23-year-old accounts executive Alexandra garnered more than 1,500 complaints during her time on the show. After recieving two warnings for her intimidating behaviour, Alex was ejected from the show after two weeks by worried bosses who labelled her "threatening". They were right: after facing being put up for nomination, De-Gale informed her fellow contestants: "personal offence is never forgotten, do you know what I mean? I've got a very, very, very, very, very strong team outside the house. I'm talking about my gangster friends." No wonder this one was unpopular... Here's Alex being kicked out of the house:

Jade Goody, Danielle O'Hara and Jo O'Meara: And talking of bullying, who could forget the infamous race furore that blew up in the face of Celebrity Big Brother 5. When Jade, Jo and Danielle first entered the Big Brother digs along with Shilpa Shetty the house was harmonious, but - as always - it wasn't long before arguments erupted and none more notorious than Jade labelling the Bollywood actress "Shilpa Poppadom". Jade was swiftly evicted by the voting public at the first opportunity with partners-in-crime Jo and Danielle also on the receiving end of widespread derision. Jade subsequently issued a number of public apologies and even appeared on the Indian version of Big Brother but withdrew early after being diagnosed with cervical cancer, a disease that eventually became terminal with Jade passing away in 2009. Here is Jade and Shilpa's famous argument... over an Oxo cube:

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