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Solomon, Daniel and Roisin give their verdicts on Apprentice finalists Mark Wright and Bianca Miller

The fired semi-finalists back their winner for this year’s final. No points for guessing Daniel’s choice… logo
Published: Sunday, 21st December 2014 at 6:00 am

Tonight, The Apprentice finalists Mark Wright and Bianca Miller go head-to-head in a business battle to win Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment. Mark’s idea focuses on helping companies get their websites up the search engine ranks, while Bianca’s spotted a gap in the skin tone tights market with her personal matching service.


But three other candidates – Roisin Hogan, Daniel Lassman and Solomon Akhtar – were in touching distance of the final before they were fired in this week’s interview-based semi-finals.

Now they’re out of the running, who do they see taking the title?


“I’m thrilled for Bianca and Mark. They’re both really intelligent, credible business people and I definitely think they’re the right two to be in the final,” says Roisin, who is continuing with her own ready meal business idea, Nudels by Roisin.

“For what Lord Sugar is looking for, Bianca and Mark are more suitable for him. Particularly Mark’s selling expertise and Bianca’s business idea. I think they’re the right people.

“To be totally honest with you, I was sitting in the boardroom listening to Bianca’s business plan thinking that’s a brilliant idea, I would totally buy that product. I think she’s spotted something. It could be an amazing success.

“But I think Mark is more towards Lord Sugar’s area of expertise and more in his field. I think Mark might win because of that.”


“I’m a determined person, I’m a highly competitive person, so I’m going to be very biased and say I would like Bianca to take the win,” Daniel admits after himself and Mark locked horns several times throughout the show's ten-week run.

“It’s nice that me and Mark were competitive all the way, but if he won it, he will feel like he’s got one over on me. That won’t sit too right for a while.”


“Mark really deserves it. He was really consistent throughout. He’s really business-minded, he’s proven himself in that industry,” says Solomon, who admits he’s thrown his own shipping business plan (which saw him swiftly dismissed from Claude Littner's interview room) out the window. “It was terrible,” he laughs.

“Lord Sugar really likes a safe bet. He wants someone who’s risk averse, who knows what they’re doing and who basically won’t just f*** around. I’m backing Mark 100%.”

During this Sunday's final, the two remaining candidates will need to launch their respective plans, as well as pitch to big-name experts, before Lord Sugar decides who’s worthy of his backing.

Before the man in charge makes his mind up, vote for who you’d like to win below:


See The Apprentice final Sunday at 9:00pm on BBC1


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