Jess and Mike were both sent home from the Love Island villa after a shock elimination on tonight's show.


After Olivia and Mike, Jess and Dom and Chris and Chloe all found themselves in the bottom three couples following the viewers’ vote, the remaining islanders had their say on who should get the boot.

The girls who were safe from the vote decided to send Mike home, while the safe boys chose Jess as the girl to exit the villa.

Jess says goodbye to Dom

Speaking to and other press after leaving, Jess said: “It feels so bizarre to be out. It’s definitely going to be a weird one in the next few days getting back into normal life but it’s nice and relaxed.”

Although when it comes to a future with Dom, she was less enthusiastic. “I want him to have an amazing summer. I said to Dom ‘Don’t let me leaving have too much of an effect on your summer’ because it’s the most amazing experience and platform and incredible opportunity.

“I wouldn’t want me leaving to effect that for him. So if he finds someone else in there I hope that they’re incredible and treat him the way he should be treated…Obviously I wouldn’t be over the moon to see him with someone else but I think when you truly care for people you want what’s best for them.”

The islanders wait to hear their fate from Caroline Flack

On whether she managed to find love during her time in the villa, Jess said: “Dom and I both had conversations about the fact that we both developed amazing feelings. We both have our own hang-ups and our own insecurities about falling in love but we’ll have to wait and see what happens now and hopefully things will progress when he gets out.”

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Meanwhile Muggy Mike also found himself ejected – despite Olivia and Chris not even having a vote!

"It's not the best feeling. I was a bit gutted – both the public vote and the guys inside the villa voting, so it wasn't nice," he told and other press. "Montana said that they feel like they had loyalty to the boys that had been there longer. Obviously they were in a difficult position and that was their reasoning, so got to take that on the chin.

Mike, Dom and Chris prepare to hear who's leaving

"I feel like I had a bumpy ride when I was in there," he added, before saying some not very nice things about his love triangle with Olivia...

"Looking back, I gave it a go and I tried," he said. "It was just flat. There was no chemistry there, we didn't bounce off each other. It was literally just an attraction thing and nothing more whatsoever. But it's what I went for at the time and when I came in I said I wasn't going to play it safe."


Love Island continues on ITV2 at 9pm