Shipwrecked contestant Kalia Lai

Name: Kalia Lai


Age: 20

Instagram: Kalia.Lai

From: Bedfordshire

Occupation: Model / works in a Chinese takeaway

Who is Kalia Lai? A 5 foot 2, football-playing model who says she's "a bit different".

What kind of Shipwrecked contestant is Kalia? While she says she was "useless" at first, and struggled to get on with her campmates, she managed to settle in as time wore on.

"After a while, we started to get into the cooking and I got really inventive," she said. "I hated cooking before but on the island, it became like a therapy for me. It was a break from everything else."

Is Kalia Lai single? She was, before heading to the island...

"I wasn’t looking for anyone," she says. "I had come out of a relationship four weeks before I went on the show and I was just enjoying being single because I had been in a relationships since I was 16."

She admits she did meet someone on the show though, who was "a deeper person than a lot of people though".

Why is Kalia on Shipwrecked? She has her eyes on an acting career.

"I would love to be in EastEnders," she says, "and I am going to see what happens. I don’t want to limit myself. I want to do anything and everything. I want to be different to how other reality TV stars do it."

Did Kalia have arguments with anyone? Yes, and one so bad it left her a bit shaken – literally. "I had an argument near the end and I couldn't compose myself because I was shaking so much," she says.


Shipwrecked airs on weeknights on E4 starting from 9pm on Monday 28th January

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