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Shane Richie was so ill he lost a stone after brutal I’m a Celebrity drinking trial

The actor and presenter was a "mess for three days" after the Sickening Stalls trial.


The former EastEnders star Shane Richie got so ill after the infamous Sickening Stalls drinking trial on I’m a Celebrity that his weight plummeted and a doctor was almost called.


Shane set the record straight when responding to comments on This Morning from Holly Willoughby that the contestants had it easier on this series, set in Grwych Castle, north Wales.

He explained: “I lost just under a stone, Vernon bless him, he’s lost two and a half stone and he’s 8ft 2! I lost weight because after I did the drinking challenge, 12 hours later I was really ill.

“Thankfully they didn’t show it on tape because I didn’t want my family getting upset but I thought I was going to have to see a doctor… I had a few tablets and I had a dodgy stomach, so that’s kind of where I lost my weight.”

His campmates in I’m a Celebrity were quick to notice the weight loss.

He said: “After a while, everyone’s saying: ‘Shane you’re looking… How can we catch that bug off you?’ So after a while, people were trying to hug me to catch this bug I had,’ he continued. ‘I’ve come back and dropped two dress sizes, which is great!”

Shane revealed he was a “mess for three days” after the trial.

He did the trial with fellow EastEnders alumni Jessica Plummer and the concoctions they ate included blended fermented duck eggs, blended fish eyes, blended sheep’s testicle, blended chicken feet, pig’s vagina, cow heart, vomit fruit and other revolting concoctions.

Shane recovered to finish fourth in I’m a Celebrity 2020, a series won by Giovanna Fletcher.


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