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“Albert Square posse” Jess Plummer and Shane Richie survive vile I’m a Celebrity drinking trial

The ex EastEnders stars managed to endure the worst drinking trial in the show's history.


Shane Richie is going some way to redeeming himself after this week’s Watergate incident with AJ Pritchard on I’m a Celebrity and managed to slurp his way through a variety of loathsome liquids with his EastEnders ally Jessica Plummer in a classic drinking trial.


There have been a few queasy drinkers stumbling out of the Queen Vic in Albert Square, but none were as green as Shane and Jess after they downed six vile vials each containing, among others:

  • Eggs-Spresso which was blended fermented duck eggs (Shane)
  • Eyes’d Coffee, also known as blended fish eyes (Jess)
  • Gore Berry Smoothie, blended sheep’s testicle (Shane)
  • Avaca-Toe Smoothie, blended chicken feet (Jess)

Remarkably, they managed to gag and hiccup their way through the early trials.

But then they had to down:

  • Zin Fanny Del, blended pig’s vagina (Shane)
  • Pro-Sicko which was vomit fruit (Jess)
  • Heart-Ichoke soup, blended cow’s heart (Shane)
  • Lent-Hell soup, blended fermented herring. 

Amazingly, they managed to drink all the putrid potions and bag 12 stars for the camp.

Ant commented: “Well done on completing the noisiest trial we’ve ever had.”

Shane and Jess returned to camp and Jess announced: “Tonight my friends we eat like Kings and Queens – 12 stars!”

Jess said: “My breath stinks!”

Shane said: “I had anus, testicle and vagina!”

The pair went into the Telegraph together and Shane said: “I’m proud of Jess, the Albert Square posse!”

The 12 stars meant the contestants were treated to a pheasant for dinner. Unsurprisingly, “nauseous” Jess couldn’t look it at after the drinking trial and was filmed getting sick in the shadows.

But their heroics must mean Shane would survive the public vote and escape the next trial on the show… mustn’t it?

Hell no! He will face Wicked Waterways with Hollie Arnold in the next episode.

I’m a Celebrity continues on ITV on Thursday night at 9pm.


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