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Selling Sunset season 3 review: A wedding, a divorce, and a whole load of drama in most thrilling episodes yet

It's all change at The Oppenheim Group but our favourites are on fine form, says Helen Daly.

Selling Sunset: Christine Quinn
Published: Friday, 7th August 2020 at 8:00 am

Warning: This review contains spoilers for Selling Sunset season three.


Less than 30 seconds into Selling Sunset season 3 and the girls are at it again. If you cast your mind back to the end of season two, we'd just had Mary and Romain's wedding but all was not well - Christine was fresh off the back of calling her former Ride Or Die a "f***ing idiot", Amanza was accused of being Mary's bodyguard and was stopping her friends from getting close, and Davina was primed ready for a fight.

Of course, as long-time fans will expect, it doesn't take long before there's upset at The Oppenheim Group and it's mainly centred around Mary and Christine, who are at odds now they're not each other's "Ride or Dies". Mary of course finds out what her former friend called her but no sooner does Christine apologise than there's more beef for the Netflix series.

Davina and Amanza - who became series regulars in season two - both step up a little more in the third outing for the LA team, and find themselves at the centre of enough drama to fill a month's worth of Coronation Street episodes. Amanza, who is firmly a fan favourite these days, finds herself acting as the truth speaker and the only one with a real social and moral conscience. Davina on the other hand, has learned all the tricks of the trade from her new bestie Christine, and takes it upon herself to spread any gossip she hears, while also calling out behaviour she doesn't like.

But what drama precedes the epic second half of the show is definitely overshadowed by the two major events we see as the finale approaches - Christine's wedding to Christian and Chrishell's divorce from Justin Hartley.

Firstly, the wedding. We won't spoil any of the finer details, but those who remember Christine's superb engagement party will know to expect surprises, glitz and glamour. We can promise you it's there in abundance.

As for the divorce, well it's all very shocking. The Oppenheim Group team are sitting around and as is a symptom of 2020, they find out Justin filed via TMZ. Chrishell is nowhere to be seen and doesn't answer her calls. It isn't until later on we find out the divorce was just as shocking to her as it was to everyone else, and sadly for her, she struggles to cope before eventually walking out of Christine's wedding when some of the girls pry a little too deep into her personal life.

Selling Sunset

It goes without saying there's plenty of drama peppered throughout season three – but it seems less nuanced this time around. It's more scripted and forced. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, but it just feels less spontaneous and exciting than it did in season one when you didn't know if Christine would pop off at a work event or not. Now, she probably will, and while it's always dramatic, it's expected. (Side note: Christine's outfits go from "yas queen" to "God tier" within the gap between seasons two and three and we're living for all of it. Slay, sister!)

One thing that's also dropped off is the real estate element of Selling Sunset. Sure, there's some truly beautiful homes with pretty hefty price tags, but you start to wonder if anyone is still interested... When Heather's about to be accused of staging paparazzi photos with her new man, I don't want to investigate a new listing. And honestly, don't sit here pretending the only reason you watch Selling Sunset is for the real estate, we know you live for the tea as much as we do.

As for the future, with reports suggesting that the likes of Maya and Christine will be quitting soon, we wouldn't be too surprised if Chrishell also calls it a day and maybe even Mary, who seems keen to settle down with Romain.


The Oppenheim Group is seemingly being held together by a thread and with more at stake than ever, Selling Sunset season four can't come quick enough.

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