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Exclusive – Selling Sunset's Davina says she could return to The Oppenheim Group as she discusses future on show

The hit reality star says "anything's on the table".

Published: Saturday, 20th March 2021 at 7:00 am

While Netflix has finally confirmed Selling Sunset season four (and five, for that matter), it could be a very different show by the time we get to watch it.


Much has happened behind-the-scenes since the cameras stopped rolling at the end of 2019. The girls all seem to be moving on with their lives, including star Davina Potratz, who left The Oppenheim Group last year.

But that doesn't mean Davina will no longer feature in Selling Sunset. In an exclusive interview with, Davina opened up about her future on the show and with The Oppenheim Group, and it appears a return to the brokerage could be on the cards.

"I didn't leave because I was unhappy. I was not unhappy at The Oppenheim Group," she clarified. "And I'm great friends with Jason. He's a fantastic guy and an outstanding broker, and I have nothing but love and respect for the guy.

"But my specific background is new development, which is high rise condos. That's my 15-year career working for big developers. And that's my specialty right now. It doesn't mean I don't know how to sell houses or have never sold a house. It's not anything like that. It's just what my kind of expertise is."

It turns out Davina got the chance to work with development expert Douglas Elliman. "I'm not getting paid a salary or anything like that," she said. "I explained the whole story to Jason, he completely understood. And that's why I took that opportunity."

Davina was quick to point it that, though she no longer works for The Oppenheim Group, she could return to the brokerage in the future.

"It's not even a forever opportunity," she said of her new job. "So I don't know if that's going to turn into something else. Or if I would ever consider going back. I mean, anything's on the table, right?"

She also reassured us that she was certain she would be in the fourth series of Selling Sunset: "I am sure [...] I'll be part of it. I don't know how the dynamics will play if I'm in a different office or kind of come back. So we'll have to see."


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