The girls and twin bosses at The Oppenheim Group are back for a brand new season of Selling Sunset, and there's a new face in the mix.


During season 7, the real estate agents at the O Group head to Cabo to visit their Mexico offices, where they meet new girl Cassandra Dawn, and while Chelsea Lazkani immediately took a liking to her, there was some tension between Dawn and Bre Tiesi, who joined the show for season 6.

Dawn claimed to know Tiesi from their days working in bottle service. However, Tiesi didn't seem to recall any of these memories.

So, who exactly is Cassandra Dawn? And does she really know Bre Tiesi?

Read on for everything you need to know about Cassandra Dawn as she joins the Netflix reality TV show.

Who is Cassandra Dawn?

Age: 33

Job: Real estate agent

Instagram: @cassandradawnxo

Cassandra is a real estate agent, who made her Selling Sunset debut for season 7.

During an open house, Cassandra introduced herself to the agents at The Oppenheim Group. She revealed that she just got her licence a few months ago, works for Beverly Hills-based agency Christie's and still needs to "learn a lot", after previously working as a contemporary art dealer.

According to her biography on IMDb, Cassandra Dawn, who is of "Asian and East Indian descent", was "raised in Manhattan Beach, California".

It continues: "Cassandra not only has been singing and playing guitar since the age of four, but also did theatre in high school.

"Dawn had already done some commercial model work and was an art dealer at a gallery in West Hollywood prior to trying out for Playboy.

"Cassandra subsequently went on to become the Playboy Cybergirl of the Week for June 27th 2010, as well as was a finalist on Playboy Shootout (2010), and has even been featured in various Playboy newsstand special editions. Dawn has a twin sister."

Does Cassandra know Bre?

Selling Sunset stars Chrishell and Bre looking glamorous as they arrive at a property in season 7 of the Netflix show
Chrishell Stause and Bre Tiesi. Netflix

Apparently so.

During episode 8 of season 7, Cassandra revealed that she knows Bre.

"What a small world running into you here!" Cassandra said upon spotting Chrishell Stause and Bre.

"Yeah, what are you doing here?" Bre then asked.

Cassandra explained that she was looking for a client who lives out of the country.

Chrishell then questioned how Bre and Cassandra know one another, at which point Cassandra said: "We know each other from back in the day."

However, Bre wasn't keen on this explanation, saying: "I wouldn't say we actually know each other, but I guess being in the industry everyone kind of knows of each other... we didn't actually hang out or meet or anything."

Cassandra then went on to say that they did bottle service together, and when Bre had her fitness app, they were in communication as Bre worked with a lot of models.

Speaking to the camera, Bre said, "I can barely even remember this Cassandra girl, but apparently she knows all about me," before telling Amaza and Chrishell that Cassandra has been DMing her on social media and she knows everything about her life. However, they're not "friends".

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Cassandra also mentioned that she'd spoken to Heather before meeting the girls and mentioned the birth of Heather and Tarek El Moussa's baby boy Tristan, so she definitely knows a fair bit about the girls at the O Group.

Who is Cassandra Dawn's husband?

While Cassandra's husband doesn't feature on Selling Sunset, she does mention that she's been married for a year and eight months, and on her socials, the model and real estate agent share lots of loved up photos of them enjoying life with their toy Australian Shepherd dog, who happens to have his own Instagram account.

Is Cassandra Dawn joining the Oppenheim Group?

It's not yet known. During season 7, Chelsea tells Jason that she'd like for him to meet with Cassandra and possibly have her join the brokerage. Of course, Bre is not keen on this.

Jason agrees to meet with Cassandra, but doesn't commit to her joining the firm just yet.

However, with Cassandra offering to co-list with Jason on a $29 million mansion, could this be her key into the O Group?

Selling Sunset seasons 1-7 are available to stream on Netflix. If you’re looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide or visit our hub for more Entertainment news.


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