Netflix hit reality Selling Sunset is yet to be officially confirmed for a fourth series, but most of the show's glamorous estate agents are being kept busy by The Oppenheim Group – minus star Davina Potratz, who recently left the brokerage.


Amanza Smith was the latest to join the LA-based agency, though she was close friends with co-star Mary Fitzgerald and Jason and Brett Oppenheim before that.

Though we've seen the Selling Sunset cast go through many big milestones, including weddings, divorces and pregnancies, her co-stars didn't know much about her personal life before she joined them in season three.

In an exclusive interview with, Amanza opened up about the reaction the other girls had when they saw the season three episode that introduced her children.

After the other girls had made comments about her tendency to be late to appointments, the revelation that Amanza was struggling with a tricky situation at home as a single mother changed their perspective, she told us.

"I think I got like, probably two or three texts from other cast mates, text messages apologising for giving me so much s**t for being late, because they're like, 'We really just didn't know, like, everything that was really going on,'" Amanza said.

According to Amanza, the father of her children, NFL player Ralph Brown, went missing before Amanza started appearing on Selling Sunset. She last heard from him back in autumn 2019.

"You go to court to like fight for custody for your children, and then you walk into work 20 minutes late, and you jump right into work," she explained. "I can't sit there and cry about it. And so it just, you know, it came across kind of bad, me being tardy."

Once her cast mates knew about her personal situation, Amanza says they understood her circumstances better.

The reality star is looking forward to season four of the Netflix show, saying: "I'll be able to incorporate my kids a little bit more in the show. "People really loved seeing the scene with me and my kids!"

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Now, if only Netflix would hurry up and confirm the fourth season...


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