Scott Mills’ Strictly verdict: Anita’s Salsa to Pitbull was an incredible dance to go out on

Former Strictly star Scott Mills loved Anita's final performance, and thought Jay and Aliona "absolutely smashed it" during this weekend's semi-final

One. Week. Left.


Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know where this season of Strictly has gone! It feels like forever ago that Ainsley Harriott graced our screens – even Halloween is a distant memory at this point.

The nerves in the studio were palpable during the semi-final, and the contestants channelled them into some great dancing. The idea of doing two dances in one night blows my mind. I know how much work goes into preparing for just one dance – let alone learning and perfecting two completely different dances! Every couple gave it their best shot and the judges were getting tougher to impress with every performance – so what were the highlights of the weekend?

Katie and Anton opened the show by doing the Charleston, which has had some really intense interpretations on the show this year. The judges thought that Katie and Anton’s version fell a bit short. There were a few hiccups with timing, but I thought they did absolutely brilliantly! The lifts were incredible (especially when Katie basically did the worm on the Strictly dancefloor!)

In the ballroom, Katie’s waltz was quietly confident and, aside from the judges’ criticism, I hope she was really happy with her accomplished performance.

Jay and Aliona took on the polar opposites of the dancing world this Saturday. Their Viennese Waltz was beautiful to watch. The gliding and twirling was straight out of a fairytale, and – despite Len’s criticism of technical footwork – it was a breath-taking sight.

They then threw themselves into a totally electric Charleston, which took on a Doctor Who theme. I could barely keep up with the speed of them – they absolutely smashed it.

Let’s talk about Georgia doing the Cha-cha-cha to Gloria Gaynor, shall we?

It looked completely effortless and was so, so fun to watch. Then to take on the Waltz and do it so beautifully (even Craig was gushing with compliments!) was awesome. Let’s not forget she managed to learn two dances in two days because she’d been ill this week – what an achievement!

Kellie and Kevin were all about the ballroom side of things this week. Their rumba was graceful and intimate – I have absolutely no idea where Bruno was coming from with the sibling comment – and channelling Fred and Ginger for their American Smooth was incredible to watch.

I’ve always loved the comedy of Kellie and Kevin’s routines, but she’s such a brilliant dancer in every sense – I’m so glad she’s made it to the final.

I thought Anita and Gleb did a great job this week – but when the competition’s so fierce and we’re so close to the final, not everyone’s going to agree on who should leave the ballroom. Their foxtrot was full of incredible spins and just enough pomp to pull off New York, New York. The judges made a big deal out of it being more of an American Smooth – but who cares when it’s so fun to watch?

Anita and Gleb then took on Georgia’s disco and one-upped it by making the ballroom a club. I do a lot of DJ sets and I’ve never seen people dancing like that to Pitbull before, but I’d definitely want to see it again! There was so much going on that my head was spinning just watching it. It was an incredible dance to go out on, and Anita and Gleb should be so proud of how far they’ve come in the competition.

I’m not really sure if I’m ready for Strictly to be over for another year – but at least we’ve still got the glitz and glamour (and the glitterball trophy!) of the final to come! I’m also hosting the press conference for the finalists at the BBC this week, so I’ll be sure to ask all the right questions, and just maybe I’ll have time to bust out the crab costume…   


Strictly Come Dancing: the Grand Final is on Saturday at 6:35pm on BBC1