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Who are Sam Thompson and Pete Wicks? Meet The Celebrity Circle 2021 contestants

The cheeky duo will no doubt be playing some pranks.

Published: Monday, 8th March 2021 at 5:25 pm

We may still have some time before the new run of The Circle kicks off, but we do have another take on the show coming in the form of The Celebrity Circle, which will see a whole host of celebs enter the catfish game.


Celebs including Rickie Haywood-Williams, Melvin Odoom, Duncan James, and Charlotte Crosby are all helping to raise money for Stand Up to Cancer by appearing in the show and just like the main version, some will be the real deal while others will be hoping to make it through the competition with nobody knowing that they are faking who they are.

Two people joining The Celebrity Circle line-up together are Sam Thompson and Pete Wicks and if you need a bit fo a refresher on who the pair are before the show kicks off, here's your lowdown on them both!

Who is Sam Thompson?

Age: 27

Instagram: @samthompsonuk

Twitter: @samthompsonuk

Job: Reality star

Sam is best known for being part of the cast of the hit reality show, Made in Chelsea. Sam joined the show two years after it started in 2013 and remained part of the line-up until he decided to quit in 2018. He was not gone for too long as he returned in 2019 and is still there now as the show gets ready to launch its 21st season.

Clearly a fan of being a part of the reality TV world, he has appeared in Celebs Go Dating twice and was a housemate in the 2017 summer series of Celebrity Big Brother - not bad for a guy who started out as Jamie Laing's intern.

Who is Pete Wicks?

Age: 32

Instagram: @p_wicks01

Twitter: @p_wicks01

Job: Reality star

Like Sam, Pete came to be known from his stint in a reality show but his one was not Chelsea based. He joined the cast of The Only Way is Essex in 2015 and remains a popular face on the show today. The show is due to debut its 27th season later in the year.

He too has appeared in Celebs Go Dating and his other TV appearances include Celebrity MasterChef. Prior to entering the world of reality TV, Pete was a sales director for a healthcare recruitment company in London.

Will Sam Thompson and Pete Wicks be going into The Circle as themselves or catfishing?

Sam and Pete will not be answering to those names when the show starts as they have been chosen to be part of team catfish! And not only that, they have chosen to be someone who is very different from who they are... Rachel Riley!

"We tried to think of someone that is as different as you could get from us. I mean, firstly, she's intelligent, we're not. She's a woman, we're not. She just seems like a really nice person, so that's going to be quite difficult for me to try and pretend that I'm a nice person. She's got a few things that me and him could potentially get by with."

What has Sam Thompson said about joining The Circle?

"It's pretending to be someone you're not. I know that sounds so horrible, but it's quite fun, right? Have you ever watched Catfish on MTV? I love that show. It's so good. It's like a challenge, isn't it? You're like, can I pass off as someone completely different? You wouldn't want to be anyone kind of close to home. That's why we picked Rachel Riley, because it's just completely left field, and it's like if we can accomplish that, it will feel really cool."

What has Pete Wicks said about joining The Circle?

"It's just such a good concept. Everyone goes on about catfishes, a lot of people have been catfished, or have been used as catfish. So I think it's just quite a good social experiment, isn’t it? I think me and Sam doing it together is going to be quite funny because we could not be any more different if we tried. Us trying to join together to be someone else is all kinds of weird if I'm honest about it."


The Celebrity Circle begins on Tuesday 9th March on Channel 4. In the meantime, check out our TV Guide


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