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Ruthie Henshall: All my preparation for I'm a Celebrity has "gone completely wrong"

The musical theatre star says her time in quarantine preparing for the show has driven her "bonkers".

Ruthie Henshall
Published: Tuesday, 17th November 2020 at 10:20 pm

West End star Ruthie Henshall had all the best intentions of diligently preparing for the tough experience of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! but she reveals it's all gone went wrong.


Ruthie, 53, is a caffeine fiend and was planning to cut out coffee and limit her food intake to be able to cope better with the deprivation in the Gwrych Castle camp.

But she revealed to not only did it not happen, she ate more than ever in the run-up to joining the celebrity line-up the castle.

She explained: "I was trying to cut out coffee because I'm completely addicted [and] I've got myself down to a double espresso a day. I'm probably going to have horrific headaches and withdrawals when I'm in there. And last night, you know, bearing in mind I've been on lockdown for two weeks and a week of that, having no phone, no computer, nothing, you know I’m certifiably bonkers by now. I mean really talking-to-myself bonkers. And so... I was absolutely getting myself into gear to start really cutting down on, you know food, maybe only having an evening meal. I have been so bored I have eaten my bodyweight.

"All of the things that I said I would do to prepare have gone completely wrong."

Ruthie says she's looking forward to being able to escape her two teenage children in the castle but she has so many phobias she may give Jordan North a run for his money as I'm a Celebrity's most terrified contestant.

She explained: "I think, for me, I'm, I would say I'm definitely scared of the dark. And I don't like confined spaces if somebody puts me in something and I can't get out, that really freaks me out.

"I don't think anybody likes, anything that crawls any faster than, you know a sloth. There’s just something horrible about things that move quickly and can move in any direction. I think I'm going to be a, you know, a brave, tough cookie but I will probably be the first person who squeals like a baby."

The interview was obviously conducted before Jordan's clifftop breakdown and his shrieking encounter with snakes in the Viper Vault.

I'm a Celebrity screens each night at 9pm on ITV.

Interview by Grace Henry


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