Radio Times magazine: Nick Hewer on The Apprentice, Elisabeth Moss and Chris O’Dowd

The Countdown host speculates on Lord Sugar's departure, Jeremy Paxman discusses patronising television bosses and Raymond Blanc shares his culinary expertise

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Dum-dum-dum dum-da-dum dum-da-dum… The Apprentice has reached its final five and we have Lord Sugar’s trusty sidekick Nick Hewer speculating on what would happen if his boss ever chose to fire himself. “People would pay to do that job but as a broadcaster, the BBC would have a really tough decision whether or not to rest this programme,” he tells this week’s edition of Radio Times.


“If Alan Sugar says, ‘Look, I’ve done my ten years, or whatever it is, if he thinks he’s done his bit, I think they would be crackers to run it the next year with someone else.”

We’ve also got the Countdown host analysing the chances of remaining hopefuls Luisa, Neil, Francesca, Jordan and Leah ahead of the last few rounds of competition.

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Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss talks about her decision to do nude scenes in her new drama Top of the Lake, plus director Jane Campion explains why she didn’t have the nerve to give Oscar-winning The Piano the ending she wanted.

Bridesmaids star Chris O’Dowd recalls his meteoric rise to fame and the first time he met his wife, Dawn O’Porter, plus Jeremy Paxman reminisces on twenty years of grilling students and why television bosses should stop insulting the public’s intelligence.

Michellin-starred chef Raymond Blanc explains why he stopped making television programmes and shows readers how to poach an egg, gourmet style, while Marin Alsop explains how it feels to become the first ever female conductor of the Last Night of the Proms. We’ve also got your complete pull-out guide to all 75 Proms, including this Saturday’s Doctor Who event starring Matt Smith and music from the sci-fi series.

Plus, Welsh classical singer Katherine Jenkins reflects on performing for the Queen and why she’d bring back Spooks, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright discuss their new movie, The World’s End, and Lynne Truss explains why the Women’s Euro 2013 tournament will win us all over.


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