BBC comissions celeb spin-off of Race Across the World

Stars will go head-to-head in a new edition of the reality series

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The BBC is to develop a celebrity edition of competitive reality series Race Across The World, to launch on BBC One.


The six-part series will see four celebrities race each other thousands of miles across the globe, accompanied by a loved one or close friend.

As in the regular series, they will be unable to use air travel or any modern day equipment like smartphones, stripping them of various luxuries, and forcing them to use their ingenuity and talent to make their way through the world rather than rely on the privileges of fame.

Contestants will be given the cash equivalent of a one-way airfare to their designated destination, meaning they will have to earn extra money along the way and rely upon the kindness of strangers (this bit might be easier because they’re celebrities) to help them win the race.


Race Across The World aired its first series on BBC Two last year, and brought in the highest ratings for a new factual entertainment show on the channel since 2016. Its second series is currently in production.