Olivia Colman: MasterChef will stand the test of time

The Accused and Twenty Twelve Bafta nominee on Gregg Wallace reaching gigantic proportions and who should win the Radio Times Audience Award

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What’s the best job in TV?


If I wasn’t an actor, I’d like to be a runner, is that weird? The runners get to meet everybody and I love chatting to people and making them tea. They have this wide-eyed wonder at being on a set and starting off on their dream career path – the way we all were before we became jaded.

What can’t you miss?

MasterChef, my husband and I watch a lot of cookery programmes. I love Heston Blumenthal. I took my husband to his restaurant, Dinner, in London and I swear my mouth instantly watered.

What will TV be like in 30 years?

There’s a fear actors will become null and void because it’ll all be CGI but I don’t think viewers will stand for that. I’m also not a fan of HD. You can see all the actors’ pores.

What will stand the test of time?

MasterChef! Gregg Wallace will have reached gigantic proportions by then.

Who should win RT’s Audience Award?


I love the Bake Off – Paul Hollywood is a bit of a dish – but it might have to be the Olympics Opening Ceremony. I found the whole thing so moving.