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Meet the cast of Made in Chelsea: LA – Noah Bewley

Made in Chelsea is back! Except, once again, it's across the pond – and with some brand new American cast members...

Published: Monday, 10th August 2015 at 4:51 pm

Age: 21
Profession: Model


Can you describe yourself?

I'm a mellow, relaxed guy who wants to have fun. I don't want too much drama. I'm quite relaxed, I don't really care what I wear, I'm not a 'typical' model. I love California: I love the beaches, the food, the ladies.

How have the guys been treating you?

Everyone's been welcoming and nice. I've spent quite a bit of time with Jess who is cool, she's a little shy.

Do you prefer a more outgoing girl? What's your type?

I kind of have mood swings. Sometimes I'm ready to party, other times I'm ready to mellow out. I like a girl who's not too tall. Blonde or brunette doesn't matter. Just a good personality, someone attractive, but someone I can talk to. And I like her to look good with no make-up on. Someone who's focused on you, and not the next thing or whatever.

You know Jess used to date Jamie?

I knew there was some history between Jamie and Jess. I was asking everyone, 'Do you guys date each other, and after, do you stay friends?', just trying to work it all out. It's kind of crazy, the way they all bounce around each other.
Has Jamie kissed all the girls in the cast? It's cool that they can stay friends with everyone and not have drama, though.

What's your relationship like with Jamie?

I've met him a few times. I don't know if our relationship is good or bad. He's been kind of friendly, he's a cool guy.
I think if I got to know him a little better over a game of golf, we'd be cool with each other. I'm not here to cause trouble.


Made in Chelsea LA begins on Monday 10th August on Channel 4 at 9pm


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