Meet Apprentice candidate Anisa Topan: the fashion PR boss wanted to be a clown or an astronaut

"After watching the audition tape I just wanted to die..."


The Apprentice 2017 candidates: Anisa Topan

Job: Owner, PR Fashion Agency


Age: 36

From: Surrey

Twitter: @AnisaTopan

Most ridiculous quote: [while wearing a money-emblazoned shirt] “The shirt I chose today screams money because I’m going to be Lord Sugar’s business partner – this is the money we’re going to bring home!”

Who is Anisa Topan?

Originally wanting to be either a clown or astronaut (yep, really), Topan studied fashion at Wimbledon College of Arts before becoming a fashion PR and then setting up her own consultancy, Anisa Topan Communications. In January this year, she rebranded her agency The Twenty Fifth Hour.

“It was so tough that you can’t even really express it in words,” Topan told her local newspaper about her time on The Apprentice, also admitting she wasn’t a fan of her audition video: “After watching the audition tape I just wanted to die. I might just have to watch the show through my hands because I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle it.”

What can we expect from Anisa?

Although she says she’s good at “winning” in business, Topan apparently finds it hard to listen and misses details when excited about an idea. This should be entertaining.


The Apprentice airs Wednesdays at 9pm on BBC1