MasterChef’s Gregg Wallace – “I’d like to taste horsemeat”

As investigations continue into how horsemeat made its way into British supermarket products, the cookery show judge is intrigued enough to want to try it

As the horsemeat scandal rages on, with countless British consumers wondering whether, unbeknown to them, they’ve been eating horse instead of beef, many must at least be inquisitive as to what it actually tastes like.


MasterChef judge Gregg Wallace is among them, never having eaten horse – “not knowingly, anyway” – and not convinced he’d enjoy it, but intrigued enough to want to try it.

“It’s not something I would order,” Gregg told, “but what I would like is if somebody on my table ordered it so I could taste it.

“[I’m intrigued] but not to the extent where I want it to be a big focus of my meal.”

Gregg’s co-host John Torode, meanwhile, remained enigmatic on the subject but did tell us “Apparently, it’s an acquired taste.”

And never one to miss an opportunity for a pun or two, Gregg added “To beef, or not to beef? That is equestrian.”


MasterChef returns to BBC1 for a new series next month