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Married at First Sight Australia fans revolted by Dean and Davina's deceit

The newlyweds moved ever closer to cheating on their new husband and wife on Monday.

Dean, Davina
Published: Monday, 24th August 2020 at 10:17 pm

It was "Yes" week on E4's Married at First Sight Australia on Monday, where the woman in each couple was given the power of making any request of her new husband and he was obliged to deliver it (within reason!)


What could possibly go wrong with a concept like that?

The simmering tension between Dean Wells and Davina Rankin was about to boil over and viewers had all the feels for his wife Tracey Jewell, who genuinely believed her man was making an effort (he was, it just wasn't with her).

Married at First Sight Australia fans were unanimous in their disgust with the pair of cheaters.

Dean's constant sexual references were a massive turn-off for viewers, if not for Davina. His potential infidelities with Davina were raising the ire of many.

"Just be honest and stop stringing your partners along!" was a sentiment shared by many.

One fan had a stark warning for the pair if things didn't work out between them. Their misbehaviour has been broadcast on national television, so "best of luck trying to find partners now that people know what they're really like".

Elsewhere on the show, plumber Mathew Lockett ended things with Alycia Galbraith and scored a lot of credits from viewers for being upfront and honest. He just wasn't feeling it and wasn't prepared to fake it.

The break-up was "awkward and painful" to watch as well as endure, but this fan thought he deserved credit for not playing the "experiment" rules.

Some viewers were less charitable and wondered why the 32-year-old signed up to the show, with all his emotional baggage.

Flight attendant Ashley Irvin took Troy Delmege to a climbing wall, which seems quite metaphorical considering the lengths he'd gone to impress her. He reminded some of another high-flier.

Fans were generally in Ashley's corner as she attempted to make a go with the most irritating personality on season five of the E4 show.

Fans had high hopes for Sarah Roza and Telv Williams, until she discovered he still had a bunch of dating apps on his phone. Oops. He claimed he had genuinely forgotten to delete them and, while Sarah was upset with him, most fans believed his story.

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