Season five of Married at First Sight UK premiered on Channel 4 with a strangely emotional episode (definitely so in the case of bride Shareen!) and viewers were cautiously optimistic about the four-part series and the couples.


Married at First Sight UK immediately drew parallels with our down under cousins on Married at First Sight Australia, which has been a big recent hit with E4 viewers.

One fan felt relief that she loved it just as much as the Aussie version. "Phew" indeed.

Not everyone was quite so convinced.

A viewer tweeted: "UK series 5 of #MarriedAtFirstSight It’s only 4 x 1 hour episodes and two couples. Needs to be more like the Australia version. we want multiple couples, dinner parties, commitment ceremonies and drama. 4 hours and 4 people = not enough for me to get invested!"

Some viewers didn't think the UK version had quite the high-octane level of the Australian show. However, the UK version filmed this year was truncated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Generally the reaction from viewers has been positive, after the Australian series set such a high standard.

The concept of the show, in which strangers meet at the altar to get married after being matched by relationship experts, was called into question by some... and given the ring of approval.

In tonight’s Married at First Sight UK, the four love-seekers were Michelle, a 25-year-old primary school teacher from Hastings, who married Owen, a 31-year-old IT sales manager from Sheffield.

The other couple featured Shareen, 47, originally from Durban, South Africa, who was matched with David, a 56-year-old sales director from Solihull. But viewers had to wait to see Shareen and David's nuptials and they didn't look quite so thrilled as the first couple in the short clip teased for next week's episode.

The final word goes to this Married at First Sight UK viewer, who won tweet of the week (or should do) for this joke.

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