Married at First Sight Australia fans’ message to Ashley: drop the “stroppy teenager” act

Troy finally earned some sympathy on the E4 show after he was shamed by his wife.


The home stays in Married at First Sight Australia season five featured a spectacularly awkward dinner when Troy Delmege met his wife Ashley Irvin’s parents for the first time since the wedding – and was put on the spot when she asked him to reveal what led to their argument about sex.


Troy’s nervous laughter and long-winded retelling of the story wound up Ashley and they were soon snapping at each other like an ill-matched couple who had spent way too long in each other’s company.

Their antics dominated social media and Married at First Sight Australia viewers seemed perplexed about why they were still together, when they were “so badly matched it’s actually uncomfortable to watch”, according to one fan.

The dinner with the “in-laws” reminded some of Troy’s excessive friendliness towards Ashley’s mother at the wedding.

When Ashley pushed him to repeat why they had argued about sex, when she overheard him discussing their sex life (or lack thereof) on national TV, viewers were losing their patience with the flight attendant.

Ashley “pushed for him to explain himself (unnecessarily) to her parents, gets angry when he gets nervous and tries to brush it off and then blames him because her parents think she’s got no patience?”

The critics were out in force and the 25-year-old (at the time of filming) “needs to get out [of] the stroppy teenagers phase”.

Troy wasn’t escaping unscathed, however. Let’s face it his “maniacal” laugh would drive the most saintly of us up the wall.

Meanwhile, Dean Wells seemed to be showing more commitment to wife Tracey Jewel after his recent indiscretions with Davina Rankin (and subsequent evasivions). But viewers weren’t in a forgiving mood, especially after his comment he thought she was “falling in love” with him.

Married at First Sight Australia viewers were all in Telv Williams’ corner when the show teased a confrontation between he and Dean in the next episode.

Telv said: “You think I’m just going to forget you’re an arrogant a—hole?”

Married at First Sight Australia season five features another dinner party in the next episode on E4, where the drink flows and the partners almost come to blows. Read our update on what happened to the couples if you can’t wait until the end of the series.


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