Married at First Sight Australia fans are universally praising private Ryan

Social media was all praise for Ryan's dignity and raining fire down on Davina's selfishness.


Married at First Sight Australia featured the third commitment ceremony of season five – and fans of the E4 reality show were ready for a “nice, relaxing evening on the couch” like Dean Wells wanted with his wife, Tracey Jewel.


Really, there was no chance of that, however. Once you’ve started a landslide of infidelity-ruptured emotion, it’s impossible to stop it.

Some Married at First Sight Australia fans were conflicted about their enjoyment of the show, but at least felt it highlighted how life-sapping it can be to be involved with the wrong person, such as Ryan Gallagher has been with cheating wife Davina Rankin.

Everyone watching was “Team Ryan”. The 29-year-old tradesman had been restrained and dignified when he’d have been forgiven for losing his temper after Davina’s romance with Dean Wells.

His wife, Davina, on the other hand had earned universal scorn for the way she conducted the affair and then revealed she had no regrets. She admitted they weren’t right for each other, but her compliments for him fell on parched ground.

She did restore a modicum of respect when she decided to leave the marriage, thereby letting Ryan off the hook and not having to endure another week of torture with her.

Davina’s lack of empathy was noted by many on social media. There was a season-defining moment when an expert asked Davina what the “girl code” meant to her. Cue the blankest of blank looks.

When Ryan and Davina made their decision there was a noticeable lack of support for her.

Meanwhile, the other wronged partner, Tracey, felt there was “a glimmer of hope” that she and love rat Dean could salvage their marriage.

Instead, he tried once again to deflect attention away from his lousy behaviour by attacking Nasser Sultan for interfering last week.

Desperate Dean then tried again to turn it back on Ryan, which had the effect of making his morality appear even more dubious than before.

Some Married at First Sight Australia viewers would have forgiven Ryan for exacting some vengeance. We do not condone violence, but understand the sentiment.

Women in the audience everywhere were screaming “Leave!” at Tracey, but when she decided to stay because deceitful Dean was “committed to me” she lost a big portion of her fan base.

This fan summarised the feelings of so many others on social media: “Ryan is a decent guy and isn’t willing to put up with Davina’s bull. Tracey is setting a bad example to her child, and Dean/Davina can get in the bin.”

There was a shock moment earlier in the episode when man-child Troy Delmege blurted out that he loved his wife, Ashley Irvin!

Ashley couldn’t have got further away from him during the commitment ceremony if she’d tried. The body language said it all.

Ashley stunned viewers by choosing to stay – and that came in the week she had overheard Troy describe her as “unbearable” and “lacking any social skills” during the home stay.

It was a total surprise when she decided to Stay in the marriage for another week!

Carly Bowyer and Justin Fischer chose to start again, both voting to stay in their marriage, even though she was frustrated by the lack of affection he had shown her at any point.

It’s also worth remembering she chose to leave last week. Viewers wondered what had changed to make her want to stay.

Married at First Sight Australia returns to E4 for another riveting episode on Wednesday, 2nd September. But if you can’t wait to find out what happened to the couples, read our Where Are They Now? update.


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