Married at First Sight Australia fans diss Dean the rapper: “I’m so embarrassed for him”

Dean Wells introduced Tracey to his urban lifestyle as the show reached the "homie" stays.


Married at First Sight Australia reached the home stay phase in season five and the newlywed blind dates got the chance to peek through the curtains and under the carpets of their new partners – but some weren’t enjoying what they saw.


For some of the couples in the E4 reality show, it was a chance to grow closer, for others it was the last chance saloon – in particular Dean Wells and Tracey Jewel, Ryan Gallagher and Davina Rankin and Justin Fischer and Carly Bowyer, who voted to leave her marriage and only remained with Justin under sufferance

Love rat Dean, fresh from his dalliance with Davina, revealed that he was a lifelong rapper and was treating Tracey to a performance. Fans thought the 39-year-old should stop spitting rhymes and just split.

Dean’s rap reminded many of another horrific moment in season five – Troy’s extreme teeth-cleaning routine.

“Cringe” seemed to be the operative word as viewers urged the man-child to check himself.

Twitter was having a busy night as Married at First Sight Australia viewers spat some thoughts back at Dean.

Dean could console himself that he had at least one fan among the E4 audience. Oh. Maybe not.

Justin needed to pull out all the stops with Carly and he had a “special treat” for her on day one. A tour of his workplace (and they say romance is dead).

Carly was not impressed, especially when she she didn’t even get an ice cream out of it.

Married at First Sight Australia fans were wondering why Ryan was giving deceitful Davina the time of day. She was doing her best to ingratiate herself back into his favours, but the audience was urging him to stay strong.

Team Ryan was out in force. He was “a gent” in the way he reacted to the discovery of Dean and Davina’s relationship.

We got to see some more personal things about the husbands and wives, some of them quite unnecessary for an early evening audience, like Troy Delmege’s luxurious hairy chest.

And Nasser turned out to be a clean freak, living life in his Uggs and undercrackers.

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