Married at First Sight Australia fans react to Tracey’s revelation: “She’ll tell him when she’s ready!”

Tracey Jewel and Dean Wells initially hit it off, but fans were annoyed about his friends' meddling.

Married At First Sight

Married at First Sight Australia season five premiered on E4 on Monday with Tracey’s non-disclosure to Dean about her daughter being the key narrative driver in the episode.


*Contains spoilers about Married at First Sight Australia season five*

Earlier in the episode it was Dean’s best friend Liam at whom Married at First Sight viewers were directing their vitriol. Liam had discovered about Tracey’s daughter and was hellbent on telling his mate before things progressed any further for the couple.

One viewer was perplexed by Liam and all Dean’s friends. She wrote: “Why are all Dean’s friends obsessed about Tracey’s daughter? She’ll tell him when she’s ready.”

Another tweeted: “Liam needs to mind his own business. It’s not his place to say anything about her child.”

This Married at First Sight fan thought Los Angeles resident Liam had ulterior motives in driving a wedge between the couple.

It was a recurring theme with viewers of the hit E4 docusoap.

A viewer thought Liam was such a villain that he symbolised our COVID-wrecked year.

Eventually Tracey did come clean to Dean about her eight-year-old daughter. He was stunned and attempted to be understanding when Tracey spoke to him about Grace.

“It’s freaked me out a little bit,” he said later, and it felt like this was one match that wasn’t going to end in eternal wedded bliss. “I’d be the father figure to her daughter. There’s a lot to take in.”

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Meanwhile, the other couple in Monday’s episode proved much more popular with viewers.

Married At First Sight
Sarah and Telv

Machinery technician Telv, 35,  and 40-year-old beauty specialist Sarah seemed perfectly suited to each other.

To be fair, Telv did look like the cat who got the cream.

But as well matched as they were and at ease in each other’s company, Telv didn’t meet with approval from Sarah’s heavy-handed brothers. This viewer thought they might be the reason behind her history of failed relationships.

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