Married at First Sight Australia featured the final dinner party of season five – the penultimate episode – and love rat Dean Wells was noticeably quiet at the dinner.


Cat got your tongue, Deano?

John asked him why he was keeping to himself and Dean replied: “I just don’t want to say the wrong thing.”

It's a bit late for that chum.

Relationship expert John Aiken set another task for the husbands and wives on the E4 reality show, designed to throw the relationships into chaos. The "honesty box" included a series of random questions which the husbands and wives needed to open, read aloud and have their partner answer.

Wife Tracey Jewel hit Dean with a tough shot.

"If I did to you with another guy what you did to me with Davina would you have stayed with me in this experiment?"

He admitted, after stumbling around the question: "There's a chance I may have left."

Tracey then hit him with a another body blow. She stayed partly out of a desire to give the relationship a chance to recover and partly out of spite!

Fans loved this revelation.

One viewer gave her full credit for a shrewd move after her humiliation. "I know I give Tracey a hard time but fair play to her for being honest.. she stayed out of spite.. that home stay week was to make him feel a fool having to tell her friends and parents what he did."

But not all viewers were behind Tracey's move. They felt there were plenty of other ways she could have punished her husband.

But then came the curveball. Dean made an apparently heartfelt speech to Tracey, saying he felt terrible for the "negative effect" he had on the whole group.

He was a "total fool for the stupid things" he'd done and had just treated the experiment as "a bit of an adventure".

No one in the UK audience appeared to believe him.

To just about every viewer it was clear he was lying. "Tracey is really naive," according to one fan.

But hang on! There were some who felt Dean had dealt with her interrogation well and really was being genuine.

Will they renew their vows in the final commitment ceremony on Thursday? Dean's tears in the teaser suggested, incredibly, it may just happen.

Before Dean and Tracey's exchange, "Team Trashley" had hit a bad stretch of turbulence when Troy Delmege was forced to explain he doubted wife Ashley Irvin's motivations and her consistency. She was not impressed.

Ashley thought that Troy's declaration was only "90 per cent" truthful.

"You don't drop the L-bomb unless you're totally in love!" she spat at him.

Viewers weren't enjoying her hard-nosed grilling of Troy. "Ash has a swinging brick for a heart," posted one.


The future is not looking rosy for Team Trashley at the final commitment ceremony on Married at First Sight Australia, which screens on E4 on Thursday, 17th September at 7.30pm