Married at First Sight Australia featured the third commitment ceremony of season five and all was going smoothly as most of the couples pledged to stay together for at least another week. Then came Nasser Sultan and Gabrielle Bartlett.


Personal trainer Nasser was a hit early on in season five, especially after the indignant way he reacted to Dean Wills' indiscretions with Davina Rankin. He appeared to be a sound bloke, but that disappeared as his self-centred side emerged. That and talking about himself in the third person!

On Monday, however, his wife Gabrielle played an absolute blinder after Nasser wanted to leave the relationship. She told him that her stubbornness more than matched his and she voted to stay, meaning the couple must remain together for another week.

"Bad luck, Donald Duck," she smirked.

It could become one of Married at First Sight Australia season five's most iconic moments. Fans loved her "sassiness".

"Gabrielle is constantly knocking out these absolutely power moves. Queen," wrote one fan on social media – a sentiment that was echoed everywhere.

Nasser's fall from grace with Married at First Sight Australia fans has been swift and steep.

Where has the Mr Nice Guy from the early part of season five gone? He appears to have vanished, as so many people have remarked upon.

Viewers were firmly in Team Gabrielle. "[She] deserves so much more than Nasser could ever wish to be. She's beautiful, smart and loving. He's just a t**l."

The two sides to Nasser's personality wound up a lot of viewers.

As expert John Aiken remarked, and fans agreed, is it any wonder with this behaviour he was still single at 50?

In the previous episode, Nasser ruined his home stay with Gabby when he moved out of their accommodation on the spurious belief that it was spooked, then he behaved abysmally as she tried to show him some of her life.

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There was another theory going around town, one on which we couldn't possibly comment.

But we will be tuning in to see what kind of torment Gabrielle has in store for him, or whether she truly does think there is hope for the couple.

Married at First Sight Australia returns to E4 on Tuesday night. If you can't wait, find out what happened to the season five couples.


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