Married at First Sight Australia star Dean Wells reveals what he really thinks of cast

The bad boy of season five has revealed his thoughts about his castmates.

Dean Wells

There’s no getting away from it: Dean Wells was the villain of Married at First Sight Australia season five and, despite him claiming he was just portrayed that way by producers, the Sydney-sider undeniably had run-ins with a lot of the cast (paging Ryan Gallagher, Sean Thomsen, Nasser Sultan!).


His almost affair with Davina Rankin, his comments about wife Tracey Jewel’s looks and his Boys’ Night wife-swapping chat were triggers for many in the cast to challenge, castigate and, ultimately, blank him, so it’s a surprise to learn that Dean has remained in touch with many of them and considers them good friends.

“I’m friends with pretty much everyone from the show, except for Ryan,” said Dean. “He just sort of went off the rails and he’s not really friends with anyone.” caught up with Dean ask asked him what he really thought of the Married at First Sight Australia season five personalities.

Married At First Sight
Tracey and Dean

Tracey Jewel

“We’re good friends now,” said Dean. “You know, we went through war together. We went through such an intense situation together and we did form a friendship bond, so Tracey and I get along really well.

“Tracey still works in marketing. I think she just did a counselling degree. She went through some pretty hard times after the show. She copped a lot of backlash. Those last scenes, her and [new boyfriend] Sean got portrayed really badly and that was the last thing that people saw. They copped a lot of hatred and nastiness, probably even worse than me. I felt really bad for those guys.

“Tracey has picked herself up. She’s going to become a counsellor and she’s pregnant now. She ended up hooking up with one of her high school boyfriends and they seem to be really happy. She’s about to have a baby at the age of 38, which is amazing. She’s doing really well.”

Married At First Sight Australia
Married At First Sight Australia’s Gabrielle and Nasser
Channel 4

Nasser Sultan

(Nasser was one of the first to confront Dean over his activities with Davina.)

“I was so nice and helpful to Nasser when everyone else had abandoned him and he was just nasty to people. He burnt all his bridges and I was like friendly to him and supported him and I think the fame went to his head a little bit.”

Patrick Miller

(Patrick revealed Dean and the Boys’ Night chat to the whole group at the following dinner party.)

“Patrick just went underground. He kind of disappeared. I hung out with him one time after the show and it was all fine. I don’t know where he went, but he kind of just went underground. I don’t think anyone’s really heard from him.”

Married At First Sight
Troy and Ashley

Troy Delmege

(Troy’s unusual habits and his flirting with his mother-in-law disturbed a lot of viewers.)

“People always ask me if he’s really like that in real life and I tell you he’s 100 per cent like that in real life,” said Dean. “He is a larger than life character, hanging out with him is the most entertaining thing ever. Hilarious, bubbly, over the top… I love him. I’ve got a lot of time for Troy. He’s just such a positive, funny, just really cool guy.

“Him and Carly [Bowyer] were a couple for a while. He moved out to Melbourne to try to be with her. They really tried to make it work for six months or so and in the end it didn’t work out. If anyone from the show was going to work out… Carly and Troy lasted longer than anyone.

“He’s back in Sydney now. Him and I are good mates. He lives 10 minutes away from me.”


Davina Rankin

(Dean and Davina dated each other behind the backs of their spouses, Tracey and Ryan.)

“She’s actually a great girl,” said Dean. “She got portrayed as a certain kind of snake-y character. She was just being herself, she knew what she wanted. She didn’t want Ryan, she wanted me, she pursued me. I don’t see what’s wrong with that. Yeah, she’s a bit snake-y but it’s also her sense of humour. If you put really nasty music to that it sounds 10 more times more dramatic than it does in real life.

“Davina completely left that world of MAFS behind, got on with her life, found a new man. He’s a great guy, she got pregnant, they’ve had a baby and are very happy. She’s just doing her own thing. She’s great girl and I’m still in touch with her. She’s done really well.

“She was the first person after the show to completely disavow it, leave it all behind and find a man who’s completely in love with her and move on with her life. What does that tell you? She’s genuine and was looking for a man.

“Obviously she seemed a bit conniving but it’s a show with stranger, you’ve just met them. I don’t see what’s so bad about hooking up with someone you’re more interested in and leaving someone you’re not interested in, especially when you factor in Ryan telling me he was OK about it!”

Married At First Sight
Telv and Sarah

Telv Williams and Sarah Roza

“Telv and Sarah were very good at acting. They did not want to be together at all, they put on a show for the cameras. I’m good friends with Telv and Sarah, but they were never going to be a couple. They broke up instantly, as soon as the cameras stopped rolling, both [went] off doing their own thing.

“Telv’s had a new kid, he already had three with his ex partner. Him and I are good mates. I talk to him probably every day, he’s probably my closest friend from the show.

“He genuinely didn’t like me for a couple of weeks on the show and then we moved on from that and we became friends after that.”

Ryan Gallagher

(Dean and Ryan fell out when his dates with Davina were discovered. But Dean claims Ryan had actually given his blessing to him off-camera.)

It’s fair to say they’re not mates, although Dean revealed that Ryan had apologised to him, after the series finished, for “throwing him under the bus” by not backing him up about this conversation.

Dean has returned to his career running a video production company, but has been making the most of his Married at First Sight Australia profile. Earlier this year he appeared on their version of Strictly, Dancing With the Stars, and he is running a premium wine company, Little Ripples, which has a humanitarian side to it.

He has also set up a YouTube channel, Dangerous Ideas With Deano, where he expresses his world views and features  conversations with guests like Tracey.

Married at First Sight Australia season six doesn’t currently have an air date on E4, but the UK version of Married at First Sight is screening now on Channel 4.


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