Married at First Sight Australia featured the Girls and Boys' Night specials on Wednesday, where the husbands and the wives got the opportunity to chat about each other or, in other words, have a right old "bitch" about each other.


"That is the point [of the nights]," Charlene Perera told her mild-mannered, anxious husband Patrick Miller.

When the boys' conversation descended to chat about wife-swapping, Patrick and John were extremely uncomfortable and it teased a classic episode to come, where Charlene explodes and confronts Dean Wells about starting a vile hypothetical wife-swapping discussion.

Charlene mocked Dean after the dinner party for complaining: "'Why am I always the bad guy?'

"Why do you think, you douchebag!"

Fans of the E4 blind date reality show were loving Patrick and Charlene's moves on the show.

Earlier, mother's boy Patrick was soon in the thick of the action as the beers flowed on the boys' night: he took exception to the poor advice the boys were giving Telv Williams' after his argument with Sarah Roza.

Patrick scored plenty of bonus points with Married at First Sight Australia viewers by asking Telv outside, not for a fight, but to talk discreetly about things, unlike Nasser and Dean's blunt method of telling him where he's gone wrong.

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Some were calling for Patrick to get a job as an expert on the next series. John, too, was getting praise for not taking part in the "really immature" conversations about whose wife fancied whom.

Conversation had taken a sorry turn when some of the boys started discussing their wives and who they really fancied. Of course, Dean was in the thick of the wife-swapping chat.

According to Justin, his wife Carly fancies Dean and Troy. WHUT?! Inappropriate.

The boys and girls' nights themselves had some viewers providing their own interpretation of why they were really held. It's all about the drama innit.

The episode also featured the husbands and wives spending quality time with their in-laws. Troy met Ashley's mother Stephanie for lunch and seemed to be drooling over his mum-in-law. It was grotesque to say the least.

"Troy perving over/full on flirting with Ashley's mum is one of the most awkwardly inappropriate things I've seen on tv all year..." said one fan.

Another tweeted: "Troy needs to learn that bombarding women with compliments about their physical appearance is not a substitute for a personality." Boom!

The comedy posts were never far away.

Married at First Sight Australia returns to E4 for the explosive dinner party on Thursday, but if you can't wait to find out what happened to the season five couples, read our update.


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