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Exclusive – Made in Chelsea’s Miles and Inga fall out over Alex Mytton in first-look clip

Inga awkwardly crashes "boys night" in tonight's episode of Made in Chelsea.

Made In Chelsea
Published: Monday, 3rd May 2021 at 9:00 am

There’s trouble in paradise for Miles and new girl Inga in the latest episode of Made in Chelsea, our exclusive teaser clip reveals.


One of the main plots of this season is the burgeoning romance between Miles and Inga.

Tensions have been bubbling since Tiff Watson’s best friend joined the Made in Chelsea cast and captured the interest of both Julius and Miles, and things got ugly when Julius confronted Inga about the mixed signals she was giving both guys.

In exclusive unseen clip, we witness an awkward conversation between Miles and Inga when she crashes “boys’ night”.

Miles admits to the group, consisting of Tristan, Gareth, Harvey and Inga: “I mean this is not really boys night anymore. I was kind of hoping it would be just us lads.”

He goes on to confront Inga about how she has behaved towards other guys in the house, saying that he is “aggravated” she has been flirting with Alex Mytton.

Gareth interjects and comes to Inga’s rescue: “I don’t, sort of, agree with that. She’s just being gregarious, friendly.”

Inga expresses her annoyance at the fact that “you can’t be friends with a guy nowadays without it being misconstrued”. She argues that she has spent an “equal amount of time with everyone” and asks Miles, “Would you rather me just go sit in my room and be on my own?”

She then reveals that Mytton approached her and told her that Miles doesn’t like it when the person he’s with stops giving him attention.

Miles retorts: “Does Mytton know me? I’ve hung out with him, gone to parties with him, he’s not my best friend. He’s never seen me in a relationship.”

He goes on to admit that while he has been “hot and cold” with Inga, he has “valid reasons”, potentially alluding to her supposed flirtation with Julius.

The clip ends with Inga saying that they just need to “cut the bulls**t”.

There are no voices raised, drinks thrown, or doors slammed - a Made in Chelsea rarity.

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Made in Chelsea continues on Monday nights at 9pm on E4. Check out our TV Guide to find something to watch, or visit our Entertainment hub for all the latest news.


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