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Exclusive – Made in Chelsea cast relocate to Suffolk for luxurious staycation

Get a sneak peek at the new Suffolk location for the E4 series.

Made In Chelsea
Published: Friday, 23rd April 2021 at 2:26 pm

On this Monday’s episode of Made in Chelsea, the cast head to Wilderness Reserve, an extravagant staycation spot in Suffolk.  


The Wilderness Reserve, described by Julius Cowdrey in our first-look clip as “high-end, boasts all manner of luxuries including row boats and private chefs: nothing but the best for the Chelsea gang.  

The huge private estate is comprised of beautiful, elegant cottages. In exclusive images, we see the cast in a rustic yet modern barn house, filled with twinkling lights – the perfect setting for a good ole Made in Chelsea scream-off.  

It also contains an outdoor pool and a lake. The cast can wake up to the sound of woodpeckers singing, and the sight of cows and sheep grazing languidly on the grass. With 2000 nest boxes, the Wilderness Reserve is the perfect place for birdwatching too 

In this exclusive first-look clip, we see Ollie Locke riding a bicycle, his dog Bear and a French baguette in the pannier.  

Sophie Habboo (Habs) and Verity Bowditch stretch out on yoga mats.  Meanwhile, Habs’ ex-boyfriend Harvey Armstrong walks arm in arm with girlfriend Emily Blackwell. 

Fred Ferrier leaps into an outdoor pool with Miles Nazaire and returning cast member Julius.  Sitting down with Fred and Julius, Miles muses, “We’ve got a good group of girls in this house as well. We’ve got Ruby, we’ve got Habs, we’ve got Verity.  

“And we’ve got…the triceps trio”, he says, alluding to himself, Julius and Frederick.   

Miles doesn’t mention new girl Inga Valentiner, Tiff Watson’s best friend who has caused quite a stir so far in the series. In fact, everything appears idyllic...  

However, this is Made in Chelsea after all, so even a magical countryside setting is unlikely to calm tensions!

The Wilderness Reserve is 8000 acres. Is this enough space for both Harvey’s girlfriend and ex as they agreed to reconcile in the previous episode, and for the love triangle and all-round awkward situation that is Miles, Inga and Julius? Tristan Phipps and Liv Bentley also clash with friends over their relationship compatibility.  


 Watch how it all pans out on E4 on Monday nights at 9pm. Check out our TV Guide to find something to watch, or visit our Entertainment hub for all the latest news.


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