Love Island’s Megan asks Wes to kiss her as she confesses her true feelings for him

Shut the front door!

Megan, Love Island (ITV, EH)

Tonight’s Love Island looks set to be an extremely eventful episode, as a preview clip reveals that Megan asks a very startled Wes to kiss her.


Wes and Laura have been experiencing a rocky patch, to say the least, ever since he nearly ditched her for Ellie, which was only made worse when he accused Laura of being “ignorant” in Monday night’s episode.

The plot thickens tonight, as Megan – who feels that her relationship with Eyal is purely sexual and has therefore called it quits – goes off in pursuit of Wes.

Not only does Megan “lips” Wes in tonight’s game of Snog, Marry, Pie but she also sits him down to confess she has a crush on him.

Talking to Wes on the roof terrace, Megan says: “I think it’s pretty obvious I do really fancy you and I just felt like if I didn’t say something I’d regret it massively.”

Wes tells her that he wants to get to know her a bit better and then Megan, reaching for his hand, says: “Give me a kiss.”

To which Wes responds, in disbelief: “Give you a kiss? A kiss?!”

We get the feeling things are all about to go very Pete Tong for Wes and Laura, as Dani might say…


Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2

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