Love Island’s Kem says the fun has gone from his relationship with Amber

“The real Kem isn’t here anymore”


Three weeks into a new relationship, you’re firmly in the honeymoon period.


You’re just getting to know each other, going on lots of dates and still finding each other’s little quirks adorable. Well, that is if your name isn’t Kem or Amber, anyway.

In tonight’s Love Island, Kem is going on about Amber like they’ve been together a lifetime and he’s found himself trapped in an unhappy marriage rather than having fun on a reality TV show!


We know time in the villa is accelerated, but this is ridiculous. Confiding in Dom, Kem says:

“Mate all she does is put me down, I feel like I’m treading on eggshells…when I first met Amber we were all giggly and funny. I feel like everything I do now I can’t be myself. I constantly can’t be myself. I feel like the real Kem isn’t here anymore.

“I think she’s amazing but sometimes you have to think about personality and I think ‘is she going to change, that’s the way she is’, and I’m not being myself. She’s just pushing me away by being like this. Constantly.”

Turns out giving someone an infinity bracelet that you picked up at a cheap tourist shop in Mallorca doesn’t mean true love after all.


This whole conversation arises after villa newbie Tyla’s arrival agitated the couple, with Kem wondering if she’d be driving a wedge between the pair. We’ll have to wait for the recoupling to find out what happens next in this whole sorry saga…


Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2