Love Island’s Jess wants Dom to find love with someone else now that she’s left the villa

Put it this way, we won’t be buying a hat for Jom...


When Jess and Dom coupled up on day one of Love Island, we thought they were in it for the long haul and might even win the show.


Well that’s all in tatters now after Jess was eliminated from the villa alongside Mike in Wednesday’s episode of the ITV2 show.

And now that caught up with Jess following her exit, a lot of cold water has been poured on our hopes of Jom or Doss (we were working on the power couple name) staying together.

“I want him to have an amazing summer,” she told us. “I said to Dom ‘Don’t let me leaving have too much of an effect because it’s the most amazing experience and platform and incredible opportunity’. So if he finds someone else in there, I hope they’re incredible and treat him the way he should be treated because he’s an incredible guy.


“Obviously I wouldn’t be over the moon to see him with someone else,” she continued. “But I think when you truly care for people you want what’s best for them – and if I’m not best for him and someone else is, I can only wish them the best of luck.”

So, um, she didn’t exactly find love in the villa then?

“We both have our own hang-ups and our own insecurities about falling in love,” she said, coyly. “But we’ll have to wait and see what happens now and hopefully things will progress when he gets out.”

Hmm. Call us cynical, but we’re hardly going to rush out and buy a hat.


Love Island continues tomorrow at 9pm on ITV2